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Customer Success Webinar Recording and Q&A

  • We are excited to announce Kaseya’s new Chief Customer Officer, Alex Cuevas! Alex has an incredibly strong track record of building leading customer success organizations, and has plans for major investments in customer success at Kaseya. The August 12th Webinar recording is now available for review.

    This webinar outlines Kaseya’s plans for building a market-leading customer success organization, including:

    • An enhanced customer success team made up of customer advocates, marshalling resources from across the organization to deliver on customer needs
    • Major investments in bi-directional, multichannel communication with customers enabling new levels of feedback and ongoing interaction with product teams, services teams and relationship teams
    • Significant new investment in the Kaseya Community as a forum for interaction among Kaseya users and with the Kaseya team
    • New training, education and services offerings focused on ensuring that customers can tap into all the Kaseya resources necessary to meet their goals

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  • Customer Success Webinar Q&A

    We received several questions during the recent Customer Success webinar.  Drawing from those questions, answers are provided below.  

    Communications and Sales

    Support, Services, and Training

    Customer Success Programs and Progress


    Communications and Sales

    Q:  I have opted out of emails from Kaseya.  How can I stay informed?

    A:  You can opt back into email communication by contacting your Account Manager.  We will also continue to post updates to the Kaseya Community, and we encourage you to work with your account manager to schedule regular calls to stay informed on recent announcements and developments.

    Q:  How can I find contact information for my account manager or another an individual at Kaseya?

    A:  Kaseya has provided Account Manager information to customers via email.  If you have not received these communications or are still unsure of your current Account Manager, please email sales@kaseya.com or contact us at the phone number local to your region/country.  Contact information for other individuals within Kaseya can be coordinated through your Account Manager.

    Q:  How can I escalate time-sensitive issues with the correct department?

    A:  All issues can be escalated through your Account Manager.  Support-related escalations can also be addressed by updating an existing support ticket or by calling Kaseya at 415.694.5700.  Select Option 4 to speak to a live representative during business hours.  See Support Hours and Support Policy for more information.

    Q:  I have trouble finding information.  Where can I find resources to help me help myself?

    A:  Helpdesk.Kaseya.com is Kaseya’s primary location for Support.  This site hosts our Knowledge Base (KB) and is the location where customers can open tickets with our Support organization.  KB articles from prior knowledge base solutions have been migrated from legacy solutions to helpdesk.kaseya.com.  Our Community forums is also a great place to share knowledge and learn from other customers and Kaseya employees.  Training options are also available for ongoing learning.

    Q:  How can I place orders quickly when I want to add licenses or new products?

    A:  At the current time, please contact your Account Manager to purchase any additional licensing.  Kaseya is aware customers would like faster quoting and we are investing in the infrastructure to make this a reality.

     Q:  How can I stay updated on future plans for Kaseya’s products?

    A:  The Kaseya Community is a great resource for announcements.  Kaseya also regularly sends email announcements of upcoming events and webinars.   If you have opted out of these emails, you can Opt In by contacting your Account Manager.  

    Kaseya is committed to keeping the Product Roadmap pages and webinars up-to-date moving forward and sharing all relevant info as soon as is feasible.

    Support, Services, and Training

    Q:  What additional tools will Kaseya provide me to help me grow my MSP business and to help me remain competitive while using the Kaseya VSA RMM tool?

    A:  Kaseya is working on additional resources for MSPs to leverage in planning and growing their business.  These include but are not limited to an MSP-specific Webinar series, sales- and marketing-targeted toolkits outlining the Kaseya services available to MSPs which can be used to drive and expand business for our MSP customer base, and a wealth of information provided in the Resources section of Kaseya.com.

    Q:  Where can I find information about Kaseya support policies and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

    A:  The Kaseya Support Policy is available on our website.  We are also in the process of evaluating the use of SLAs and will provide an update in the near future.

    Q:  What is Kaseya doing to address the current delays with Support?

    A:  Response to customer tickets is a top priority of Customer Success.  We are actively focusing on timely responses and resolutions as part of the improvements coming to the Customer Success organization, and we are currently evaluating our SLAs and staffing to ensure we are able to meet or exceed your expectations.  Additionally, in the coming  months we will be introducing new channels to engage support such as phone, chat, and social media.

    Escalation of support issues can currently be submitted through your account manager, by updating your ticket, or by calling Kaseya at 415.694.5700.  Select Option 4 to speak to a live representative during business hours.  See Support Hours and Support Policy for more information.

    We ask for your patience and understanding with us as we work  to ensure we have the necessary people, processes, and tools in place to enable these offerings to be effective in meeting or exceeding your expectations.  

     Q:  Where can I access training content and documentation?

    A:  Kaseya offers a variety of options for learning the Kaseya portfolio of products:

    Customer Success Programs and Progress

    Q:  How do I apply to become part of the Kaseya-sponsored programs such as Kaseya Test Pilot and Kaseya Insider?

    A:  Information regarding the programs, including selection details, will be made available in the near future.  We will post updates to the Community as they become available.

    Q:  Focus on Customer Success is great to hear.  How can we keep updated on the progress of these efforts?

    A:  Kaseya will provide regular updates to our customers to highlight the progress being made by the Customer Success organization.  Watch for email announcements and updates on the Kaseya Community.   

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