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  • Given all the security issues with Flash as of late and the general consensus of the IT Field to begin uninstalling Flash from workstations, etc. .... Does Kaseya have plans to remove the last tidbits of Flash from the VSA product, and if so when and how will this be accomplished .... I know for certain the Scripting creation tool uses flash, but not sure what other pieces are using it as well - am certain there is a lot of dependence upon flash currently all over the VSA, and this really should be removed for security sake at this point in time ...

    Thoughts & Discussions?

  • Very good question Tom.  When it was announced that flash was the chosen platform for procedure editing I couldn't quite get my head around it at the time as flash was staring to fall out of favour.  With the recent security flaws it seems it's something that needs some urgent consideration.

  • Yeah, couldn't agree more. I'd really like to have a reply from Kaseya regarding this... What is the plan?

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  • *clears throat* Is this on the roadmap?

  • Yes, I've seen screenshots/mock-ups of a new agent procedure editor that I believe is planned for release with 9.6 next year. No flash required.

  • Just chiming in here to confirm that we're working on retiring flash entirely in future releases.

  • @Jeffrey.odolski, would be time because it sometimes really slow and it's outdated.

  • is this why i cannot get any browser on my ipad to work. all i get is a blank screen after logging on.