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Uninstalling Flash

  • Is there a easy method for removing Flash from PCs?  Many of my customers want it removed..

  • Hello Mike,

    If it is Adobe Flash Player that you are trying to remove from Agents, there is an uninstaller that we can use within an Agent Procedure.


    I sent you a screenshot of some steps that you could use to download and run this.



    Adobe Flash Uninstall
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  • Procedure Adobe Flash - Uninstall.xml

    It expects there to be a temp folder inside the kworking folder. It downloads the uninstaller from Adobe, runs it, then deletes the file. 

  • Wayne,

    I am having the same issues with my clients. Can you send me the screenshot that you sent Mike. This would be very helpful.



  • Thanks for this Rusty.

  • Another option would be to run a powershell command in a procedure for

    (get-wmiobject win32_product | ? {$_.Name -like '*Adobe Flash*'}).uninstall()

  • i actually manage flash with multiple procedures.

    The one above that downloads and runs the removal tool

    then one each to download and install the latest activex and plugin version

    then i have a 4th that calls all 3 in order.

    that one is called with yet another procedure that runs pre-patching

    i have patching set to 3 times a week for workstations (have a lot of machines onboarding that are behind and can't wait for initial)

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Drew,

    I tested Rusty's Procedure and it works fine can you try that first - you can download it and then on the Agent Procedures - Schedule/Create page Select your Folder or a shared folder then click on the

    Import Folder/Procedure button.

  • Thanks for the reply Wayne. I have tested it and it works great.

  • Hi Rusty,

    Could you share all your Flash Player procedures with us. (the multiple procedures that you talked below)

    I need to do the same thing, update all our workstations with the latest version of Adobe Flash.


  • Procedure Folder Adobe Flash.xml

    Attached is an import that will create an Adobe Flash folder with 4 procedure.

     - _Adobe Flash - Update to Latest

    - Adobe Flash - Uninstall

    - Adobe Flash ActiveX - Install

    - Adobe Flash Plugin - Install

    The update to latest procedure will run the other 3. I have it set to run as a post patching procedure that runs 2-3 times a week.

  • Thank you!