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Reboot if user not logged is not working

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I am applying reboot action to my computers via policy management. I have the option "If user logged in ask to reboot every 60 minutes until reboot occurs. Reboot if user not logged in.". The issue is when users are logged off the computers are not rebooting. Instead the users are being asked to reboot after they log in.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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  • dswinford,

    The patch nag relies on the Kaseya Agent to determine whether a user is logged in.  The agent and it's "helper" file (kausrtsk.exe) recognizes only session zero, so if multiple users are logged into a system, a secondary user would not be recognized or receive the nag.  The K agent icon should be present in the system try for the recognized user.  If the agent is terminated or kausrtsk.exe is not running in the background for the specific user, you'll see the behavior you are describing.  

    I would recommend you open a ticket with support regarding this issue.  There are several possibilities, and it would be best to determine the specific cause in your case so you can either adjust processes, edit configurations, or support can determine if the problem is due to a true bug.  It's quite possible what you're seeing is expected behavior (depending on who/how your systems are accessed, whether the agent and kausrtsk are running, etc.).  However, if there something else going on, Support can investigate and determine root cause.

    Adding the -remote tag for TS machines:  helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../33211978-Adding-the-remote-tag-for-KaUsrtsk-exe-on-Windows-Agents

  • This is for Windows 7 machines not servers. I did open a support ticket but my faith in the support rep is not high which is why i posted it here. I wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this.

    More to the point is anyone else having luck with "If user logged in ask to reboot every 60 minutes until reboot occurs. Reboot if user not logged in." option working as advertised.

  • dswinford,

    The KB article does tend to apply to servers, but the issue with kausrtsk is universal.  If this is not running, the user will not be recognized.  The user could have terminated the task, or it could have failed to launch for some reason.  I would investigate that as a likely cause of the behavior you're seeing.

  • kausrtsk.exe also doesn't run if the user is RDP'd to their machine - it only works for the physical console.

    For regular RDPers, you can add "c:\program files (x86)\kaseya\kausrtsk.exe -remote" to their startup group: the key being the -remote parameter, which makes the agent icon show up in an RDP session.