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Archive old Computer Entries?

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Is there a way to archive old computer entries on the kaseya database?  For example.  Computer-X has not checked in for six months.  Can we archive all the data associated with this computer account, so that it's not using up an agent license?



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  • There is currently no mechanism within the system to do as you describe.

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  • As far as I'm aware, the only way to prevent an agent from consuming an agent license is to delete it from VSA. Is there a reason to keep an agent installed on a machine that hasn't checked-in in over 6 months?

  • Gary,

    You do have the option to "suspend" an agent, but this does not release the license.  To free the agent license, you must delete the agent.  You can create a view for agents that have not checked in for a period of time, or you can use option on the Agent > Delete function to select agents that have not checked in since a specific date.  You do not have to uninstall the agent from the endpoint in order to delete, but if the agent is left on the endpoint, you might find that it checks it at some point down the line.

  • Thanks Brande,

    I am already aware of those features.  What I want to do is to keep track of decommissioned endpoints in Kaseya for up to one year without having to "waste" an agent license on them.

  • There is currently no mechanism within the system to do as you describe.

  • The best option I have found, and something I do, is to run a report for information I want to archive using the same view I use to delete offline agents... which I run monthly before I delete all agents offline more then 30 days.  I just save it as an excel spreadsheet in case someone ever needs it.  We have never used them once... but who knows.

  • That's similar to what we're doing, but We'd also like to retain logs and audit data.  Thanks everyone.