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Kaseya Purchasing Inquiry, would like community feedback

  • Obviously every service offering out there has up's and down's. I wanted to ask the community what things do you dislike / like about the Kaseya solution and whether you would recommend it. I would appreciate insight from people whether you are a newly on-boarded partner or have been using them for years. Our budget is pretty tight so I want to make sure my first purchasing decision is strong as this will be my first change in the department I will be making since taking over the reigns. 

  • Considering your budget - I assume you are looking at Kaseya's cloud solution?

  • Ive been using Kaseya for years and strongly recommend. Ive tried several other options including but not limited to LabTech, N-Able, Spiceworks, LogMeIn Pro, etc. Ive personally found the patch management and agent procedures in Kaseya second to none. Both work very well and allow you to perform so many automated tasks. We've really not run into any issues with Kaseya other than NPAPI issues with certain browsers.

  • As above, we've been using Kaseya now for around 7years and have recently moved from on Prem to Cloud, I had a few issues with the on prem solution mainly surrounding the backup modules and offsite replication, if you spend the time to learn how to create agent procedures, software deployment and patch management you will see a huge difference in the way your department works for the better.

    may I also add since moving to the cloud the backup solutions are now much better in my opinion Acronis and offsite replication is superb (Kaseya Backup), Kaseya Data Backup (Which is a separate module) is still very slow but I've found ways to improve that for some of the users we manage.

    Im sure someone could advise otherwise but I haven't found a better system than Kaseya.

  • Really depends what your business and technical needs are and what you plan to use it for, I would recommend that you trial it before you take the plunge and purchase it.

    I use to be a big Kaseya supporter, but in the last 5 years I have decided its better to take a step back as there are products that can do certain things Kaseya can't or can do it better than Kaseya.

    General Usability

    I'm told that the Kaseya interface is the hardest for beginners to get use to, personally I agree its not the best set-up interface but once you learn it, it is not that hard to use. They do need to work on the continuity of the interface between modules.

    Remote Control

    Remote Control is one the current disappointments for me and some others as they stripped out a working RDP remote control solution and replaced it with their own very fast connecting remote control solution that unfortunately has a lot of missing functionality that the RDP remote control had. As somebody new to Kaseya I would recommend you try it first and check if it has the functionality that you require from a remote control tool.


    Kaseya Scripting/Agent Procedures are very easy to use, there are some gotcha's that you will need to learn but in general if you can write a basic batch file you can write a Kaseya script. The procedure writing interface is very clunky when you have to do more complex procedures and could be improved on. For more advanced scripters they can use the Kaseya scripts to kick off other more advanced scripts like Powershell, VBscript scripts.

    Patch Management

    Kaseya's Patch Management interface is getting a bit dated and runs into many similar problems as WSUS, its biggest benefit unlike some of Kaseya's competitors is that you don't have to install WSUS to make use of the patch repository.

    A common problem that I have run into around this module is that some people try and use it like you would use Windows Update and they end up complaining that it takes too long and they don't get progress updates.

    To use KPM properly it really needs to be scheduled to run after hours when nobody is using the computer which is becoming more difficult due to the shift to portable computers like tablets and laptops that are almost always offline after hours and on wireless which means you can't use WOL to power them up.

    Some of Kaseya's competitors have also included updates for non-Microsoft like Adobe Reader, Java Runtime Environment into their patch management where as Kaseya created a separate pay module (KSDU) that has now been retired since the latest release. I'm currently using agent procedures to deploy and update these applications which is working pretty great.

    Monitoring and Device Discovery

    Core Monitoring module has limitations mainly around performance counter/SNMP monitoring of network interfaces. You can use the alerting to execute scripts from your Agent Procedure library which is great. Service, process and Eventlog monitoring works great, is easy to use but the Eventlog Monitoring interface and functionality is a bit clunky and dated.

    They have added a new Network Monitoring module that resolves the issue with network performance counter/SNMP monitoring in the core monitoring module. It has many great features, I'm still learning how to use it and I suspect requires somebody with advance monitoring experience to make full use of it. Unlike the core monitoring module you can't execute scripts from your agent procedure library and instead have to write separate LUA scripts for it to use, I would like to see Kaseya's Agent Procedures make the move to LUA scripting and Network Monitoring being able to tap into that library some time in the near future.  

    They also have a Discovery module that is integrated with the Network Monitoring that make deploying agents and finding network devices really easy.

    Dashboards Gauges and Reporting (BI)

    Their dashboards and gauges have some good info but they don't have an easy way that I can see between all the modules to put them all in on one display and cycle through them.

    They have made some improvements to the reporting module in the past around having information from different modules in the same report however from what I have seen what you can do with MSSQL reporting they still have a long way to go.

    Service Desk/Ticketing

    This module is very basic, it has some nice automation but it did not have the functionality we required for billing. I would say its not a bad module for a very small IT company or an internal IT department.


    Personally I really like Acronis however because Kaseya used an old version that had problems with newer OS's in the past my boss decided not to purchase it. They have had various backup modules, in general most that I have had experience with had limitations or ended up costing to much compared to other non-integrated products. We currently use VEEAM and VEEAM has a free Kaseya Addon module that generates some good information for reporting.


    The biggest problem I have had with the Antivirus products that Kaseya used in the past was that they were out dated versions that was more targeted for workstations. I don't know if this has changed in anyway so if this is a requirement I would recommend you trial it first and see if it works for you.

    We mainly use ESET Antivirus and ESET has released a free Kaseya module that works with ESET's Remote Administrator Server. However I still use Agent Procedures and Eventlog monitoring to monitor and report on AV status for our customers as not all of our customer have the Remote Administrator Server installed.

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  • Hi htmatt

    HardKnoX is a Kaseya power user and has given you some excellent info. I'm not on his level but I've been using it for at least a few years now. I am an internal IT support guy so my needs are different from you MSP folk so I'll give you my perspective and experience.

    I also used to be an ardent Kaseya supporter but they have managed to rid me of much of that position. Probably the worst part of Kaseya, from my experience, is the very spotty support. I can understand that all software has issues but it's they way you deal with those issues that makes a company, in my opinion. If you do a search here on the word "support" you'll get a sense of what I'm talking about. It was so bad and I got so frustrated with them that I simply will not call support any more and haven't done so for a couple of years, now. I would open tickets and they would sit there with no response for days and days and days. Or they'd tell you they were "looking into it" aand they'd promise to get back to you and you'd not hear back from them. Over and over and over. I went up the food chain many times and yes, they agreed that it was a problem and I got some lip service but nothing changed. Nowadays, if you have a support issue and they ignore you (as they still seem to do to frequently), you can post your ticket number here and the moderator will go over and wake up the support techs and they might get back to you. Personally, I think they should be ashamed that it comes to that... Please note that some people, lucky folk that they are, have not had this problem and you may find that you're one of them.

    The VSA GUI appears to be built by high school kids who weren't allowed to talk to each other while constructing the interface. There is little in the way of coherence between modules and it's full of little "gotchas". In one module you can sort your results and in another you can't, for example. You're limited to how many machines you can have on the screen at once which may be fine for those of you managing thousands of machines but is not fine with those of us who don't and there is no choice in the matter. There are bugs here and there as have been documented here. Now I hear that Kaseya is spending millions building a cloud offering they call "Project Helio" which may explain why they don't have a few bucks to spend on their current interface - though it's been complained about here often enough.

    The add on modules, that I have used, and some I've read about here are problematic. I purchased and used, for a couple of years, the add on module for ShadowProtect and not once in that time did they spend a dime on the interface to make improvements or fix issues. After it became clear that Kaseya wasn't going to do anything about the module I dropped it and have since purchased my licenses directly from ShadowProtect. I've automated my use of it and I'm way ahead of where I was with Kaseya's very limited offering. I also tried their Mobile Device Management module when it was first released and it was also a joke. I dropped it during the trial period and purchased AirWatch. Again, I'm miles ahead of where I was with the Kaseya add on offering.

    I am down to the core VSA modules and use them mostly for automating the running of my own scripts. I also make some use of the monitoring and alerting functions but that's about it. I've messed around with the Kaseya reporting stuff but I find it much easier, faster and cleaner to use Crystal Reports and SSRS for our reporting needs (ask someone here how long Kaseya has been promising an revamped "Executive Summary Report").

    Again, I remind you that my needs are different than those of an MSP and I can understand the MSP desire to do as much as possible under one roof but, fortunately, I have the ability to work easily outside of Kaseya.

    Would I recommend you buy or stay away - sorry but you need to make that choice for yourself and I also urge you to take full advantage of a trial period before making that decision.

    Good luck whatever you decide and do keep in mind that their are a great bunch of people in this community that will help you all that they can. I give Kaseya many kudos for providing this community to their users.

    Oh, if you do buy, look at the free dashboard provided here by another Kaseya Community member Craig Hart. It is truly an excellent free product and Craig has spend countless hours modifying and improving it.