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  • Hello,

    I'm wondering that Kaseya hasn't published a roadmap for the core product VSA.
    Due to the commitment of Kaseya in the last year to an update schedule of three releases per year I'm diasappointed about this fact.

    Has anybody detailed information about the roadmap of the product VSA? Colleagues and Managers of our company are asking me but i can't answer their questions. Also Kaseya Employees are invited to answer this post.

    Best Regards

  • I guess this says it all... or actually nothing.. :) There is no detailed roadmap anymore.


  • community.kaseya.com/.../21016.aspx

  • It would be nice if the roadmap were updated to list what's supposed to be released in 9.1 on Sunday.

  • 9.1 ?? I've heard nothing. Where are you seeing info about a version 9.1 ??

  • There was a webinar yesterday about 9.1 I did not see it so I cannot comment, I expect some time next month Kaseya may release some information.

  • For those that want to have a watch of the webinar.


  • I've just read through the r9.1 release notes, and there is not one single feature added to VSA other than something to make Auth Anvil work, and beta support for Windows 10.  Am getting seriously annoyed that all the roadmap features have just been wiped off and we are left waiting endlessly for remote control with file sharing and new exec summary reports.  Seriously starting to think Kaseya is falling well behind Labtech :(

  • The June webinar will cover details on the next two releases. You should get some better answers as to what you expect during that webinar. Stay tune for the exact date/times on it.


  • The changes in R9.1 really seem like they should have been a patch release in 9.0 (ex and i commend kaseya for the number of fixes and timely releases of the patches, but I still feel like calling this release 9.1 was an inevitable way for kaseya to bring negative attention to itself. It makes a lot of us kaseya users feel like kaseya doesnt care about the platform because of how we think about version numbers and naming structures.

    that being said, winamp skipped version 4.x and went straight from 3.x to 5.x and it ended up making them look good in the end. windows skipped version 9 and went from 8.x to 10.

    Kaseya took another approach and instead of skipping a version they toned down the version jumping and said "this is not R10, it's an improvement on R9" which i agree with. But I still diagree with kaseya's logic that this should be considered a major release at all when really it's all just patch work. According to the changelog, the differences that you can find between and 9.1 are actually very minimal and probably could have been rolled into a patch instead of being a full release. We as users of the product might have been more receptive to that, and to kaseya being honest and flat out telling us "we need to work more on r9"

  • i think the integration of authanvil into the VSA core probably warrants a major release just by itself.... might not seem like that if you don't use authanvil (which we don't) but I am sure that was a significant amount of work.  According to Kaseya they aren't putting out new features by patches anymore so any new features would have to be released outside of the process.

  • Don't get all hung up on (or read too much meaning into) the version numbers. In the R9.1 webinar they said there are some issues with some of their systems not supporting a version number =10 (poor programming only allowing for 1 digit?) so they just chose 9.1 instead of 10 so as to not break things.

    So, R9.1 isn't a "minor" release, it's the "next major release after R9(.0)".

    The "complete" list of R9.1 fixes is here: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp - this is a much more detailed and comprehensive list of all the fixes, most of which aren't actually mentioned in the R9.1 release notes.

    Once you read through the full list of fixes, i'm sure you'll agree R9.1 delivers more than just "we re-labelled as 9.1".

  • @ & I agree that AuthAnvil integration is a big step for kaseya. But honestly it seemed like they had already done most of that legwork in R9, so R9.1 simply includes it by default rather than asking you to install the module separately.

    *quick edit: I might be wrong about AuthAnvil being available as a module in R9, but I remember hearing A LOT about it when R9 was released.

    And i'm not concerned about what the version number is, call it R22 and i won't mind, or go back and call it R3, whatever. I'm pointing out that the changes listed in the R9.1 changelog can mostly all be found in the patch release notes of R9, so the actual changes from to R9.1 are actually very minimal. In another thread I actually had to correct someone from Kaseya in their posting that Acronis 11.5 was new to R9.1. Acronis 11.5 was integrated in kaseya 6.5 and that shows in their changelog, however R9.1 updated the sub version of Acronis from 11.5.37977 to 11.5.43916. I am pretty sure most of you can agree this can't really be called a "new feature" and thus could have been a patch. There is even a link right in the VSA to check for updated versions of Acronis and load them to the VSA, but Kaseya doesnt seem to make use of this, rather they release new versions of the VSA that include the new version of Acronis.

    Acronis isnt my only concern, this is just the only one i'm pointing out. Check out the patch release history for R9 and read them all one by one and then read the R9.1 release notes. It'll be like rereading a book you just finished. I acknowledge there are SOME changes, but they really fluffed the release notes with the patch changes from the previous version which feels extremely deceptive.

    quick edit about AuthAnvil
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  • Eric,

    Just posting here the same message as we discussed in the previous thread.

    New functionality are strictly limited to release cycles only. Bug fixes is limited to patch and release cycles. The previous released patches are rolled up into the next release.

    We apologize if the release notes seem extremely deceptive to you but that is not the goal or intent. The release notes are there inform people what is in each patch or release install.