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Does anyone know if R10 is still scheduled to release at the end of the month?  And if so, any ideas as to what new things it brings?

We're still on v6.3 here, but might start planning for a R10 upgrade now that the bulk of the RC issues seem to have settled down.

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  • I would like to know this also

  • We are two weeks out from the scheduled R10 release date, and ...... dead silence from Kaseya. As someone once said, "I have a bad feeling about this".

  • My thoughts exactly Craig -  I would have thought that there'd have been some kind of talk of it by now if it was still on for May.

  • I believe with R10 (which is sure available on 31.05 for all clients) a real big bang will succeeded. The whole RMM industry and all MSP’s will look at Kaseya and all the trust they have lost will be back again. Because all bugs are fixed, the new KRC is market ready and is world class, the new modules for Backup and Antivirus are available and the new UI (consistent and mobile ready) is really fantastic. We all will love it. I’am so happy!

  • You've started drinking early today  : )  - as much as I'd like that to all be true.

    Seriously wondering what is going on here.  I'd noticed another post a few days ago where someone was still waiting on their R9 upgrade which seemed odd nearly 3 months later.  All resources being piled into Project Helios perhaps?

  • no, it was my dream from last night :-)

  • I believe at Connect they said that they've abandoned the promised release schedule and will release them as they're ready.  

  • That wouldn't surprise me... Overall I have to say, things have been eerily quiet around here since Connect.  I remember in past years, the days and weeks after Connect the forums would really start heating up with people discussing stuff that was "coming in the next release" or other exciting news they learned about at Connect.   This year I'm hearing a lot of crickets....  

  • I can't even tell a difference from R8 to R9. What would R10 bring? The things that hurt the most are the things like KAV, KES integration and the ancient Executive Summary report. All of these things are important to us and they are honestly painful to deal with.

  • I'm still fighting to get working, we made 2 steps forward and 1 back so....

    discovery / knm not seing all devices / monitors not working.....

  • I had no new issues on R8...had slowness when having multiple remote connections running since R7. Seems like 4 would lock the computer up for everyone. No issues on R9 thus far. Our woes with AV have been driving us crazy. The exec report is a monthly disappointment whenever I look at it. For all of the automation and integrated tools we have at our fingertips, there is no nice report to put forward and show our work, which sucks.

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  • I came here looking for the same thing... They've taken future releases off the roadmap. Not much of a roadmap when it only shows the past release.

  • Just got this webcast invite email. Has a little bit of information for us. I guess its R9.1 not R10

    "Kaseya® will release R9.1 of its comprehensive IT management portfolio on May 31. Attend this webinar to hear directly from Prakash Khot, CTO of Kaseya, about the new capabilities available to you in this release including:

    • Kaseya AuthAnvil Identity and Access Management (IAM) integration with Kaseya VSA Cloud

    • Kaseya Enterprise and Mobility Management (EMM) configurable security settings for easier, faster, and more flexible management

    • Updated Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) with support for Acronis 11.5

    • 365 Command additional management dashboards for more efficient and effective Office 365 management

    • Many other product improvements"

  • Guess that answers that :)

  • Looks to me like you all are headed for the cloud.