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Surface Pro Issue

  • We have a number of Surface Pro's in our environment.  Remoting into them is impossible.  The resolution is completely off.  We can sometimes get our end user to change their resolution so we can work in their computer, but generally we have to use a another method to remote in.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Fixes thoughts?

  • We've had the exact same issue I often end up using the arrow keys to navigate through changing the resolution using just the keyboard as the resolution means where I click with the mouse is nowhere near where it actually clicks.

  • Is this still a problem on VSA 9.1?  I'm still on 7 myself and its essentially unusable which is even worse since it's the higher ups that are typically getting these grrr.

  • Support:

    This is a known issue and is fixed in R8.

    In the mean time the workaround is to set the dpi setting to 100%.

    Here is a screenshot to further clarify: