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What happened to future roadmap

  • Hello. I was looking at the roadmap today at http://community.kaseya.com/p/roadmap.aspx. It used to show what was being actively worked on for the next release, and what was being planned for the next ~two releases.  Now the roadmap webpage only shows what was included in the January R9 release.

    Is there anything posted somewhere that outlines plans for future releases?

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  • The next product roadmap update will be at Kaseya Connect

  • If you read the paragraphs of text currently at the top of the roadmap, you'll see that the roadmap has changed and is now [in my opinion] merely another marketing tool, and not an indication of features in planning or something you can set your expectations by.

    I believe this is the case after there was much comment on the forums here about promises not met in previous roadmaps e.g. community.kaseya.com/.../20545.aspx

    Previously, the roadmap would be secretly altered and promised features would slip versions on a regular basis, leading to customer disappointment. I think Kaseya management simply decided not to offer a real roadmap, rather than continue to be embarrassed publicly by their inability to deliver on their commitments as promised on said roadmap.

    point in case: "new' executive summary report: waiting since version 6.3 (I think?) and still no sign of it.

  • @Varun,

    I am not planning to attend Kaseya Connect this year. Will an official roadmap be posted during/after the Kaseya Connect conference?


    I have mixed feelings on holding Kaseya (or any software development) accountable for roadmap postings. You want to hold their (developers) feet to the fire. But on the otherhand, we (customers) need to cut the vendor a little slack in some cases. Certainly any software vendor should be able to firmly tell its customers what is definitely coming (or not coming) in its next pending release. That should be pretty firm. In the K world, that would translate to the May release. We should certainly be told what that release will include (or not include).  Pretty black and white here.

    As you move further out into the horizon, I suppose its fair that things are a little more grey, and we begin to see words like "planned". But its still very helpful to know at least what they are evening planning (or not planning).  Earlier this year when I looked at the roadmap when it included the May and September releases, I honestly didn't see that interested more. I saw a lot of cloud SaaS infrastructure stuff - of which I have little to no interest, and some stuff related to improving KRC - of which was just putting back features that had been lost when RDP removed.

    I 100% agree its frustrating when things like "new executive summary report" slip release after release, year after year.


  • @Varun,

    Is there a new product roadmap - now that Kaseya Connect conference has occurred?


  • lwolf - it's called Helios. They're re-writing the product. It'll be cloud only offering. From what I understand only fixes will be implemented in future VSA releases. All efforts are going into Helios. The future is the cloud, embrace it! ..... at least that's what we heard from connect this year.

  • Can Kaseya announce this. Is the on premise VSA to be discontinued as this means I need to go source a new product

  • Very short sighted if this is true, most that have some experience with cloud base services know its not a "one size fits" all solution.

    The problem with cloud services it's only as good as where it is being hosted from and its not an option for large enterprise businesses or for MSP's that provide those services to other businesses.

    Makes you wonder why Insight Venture Partners purchased Kaseya if all they wanted to do was provide a cloud based service to small businesses over the world.

  • This MSPMentor article indicates that they are going ahead with both VSA and the cloud based Project Helios solution and they will make a decision in the future depending on the market.


  • Also very curious about this. Interesting to see MSPMentor saying they're going ahead with both but I'd really like to hear it from the horses mouth.

  • I would like to know if they plan to continue doing the fairly frequent upgrade cycle and making sweeping changes to the VSA while ignoring attention to detail in areas that most MSPs heavily rely on (remote control, backups, and antivirus).

  • Folks,

    I saw this thread so I wanted to jump in and assure everyone that we are fully committed to supporting VSA on-premise! We emphasized this as part of our Kaseya Connect presentations, but I can see how this might have been lost in the excitement around Helios. We recorded all of the keynote presentations and will post them on the Kaseya Community site in the coming days. I invite everyone to view the recordings and see the Kaseya vision and product strategy.  

    Regarding the Product Roadmap, we are taking a slightly different approach in our communication, focusing on product strategy, then continuing to execute against the strategy with 3 releases per year.  The introductory message at the top of the roadmap page provides more information: http://community.kaseya.com/p/roadmap.aspx

  • Varun,

    Could you please advise when we will be getting the balance of functionality that was lost in remote connection abilities? It was on several prior roadmaps, but has been removed along with the roadmaps as features continued to be removed from all communications.

    Functions that we had that are now missing from any remote connect and control, cut/copy/paste, video scaling and scaling control, chat with end user, in KLC mouse does not work on certain apps like KAV, so KVNC is the only way to open and communicate with app on endpoint, logging in real time (not 15 minutes after the fact) when an admin is connected to the endpoint, showing the endpoint is logged in, screen shot and highlighting endpoint screen for users/tech-support.

    This is a few of the most important functions we have lost and was promised to be restored last January and now no mention at all.

    What is Kaseya planning with regards to remote access when Browsers will no longer support plugins?

  • @Varun,

    Thank you for the reply. So is there anything publicly posted anywhere that shows the upcoming product roadmap - listing, for example, what I should expect to see included in the next two releases?

    That's really what I am looking for, and I'd rather not have to watch hours of recorded Kaseya Connect videos in order to learn that info, or find out in the end that it wasn't presented.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Lloyd,

    As posted on the roadmap page, the new plan is to share the product strategy for the year at Connect and build for it in the three releases. As each new release is completed, we will provide much more detailed information about what has been delivered, and how it supports our product strategy.