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ConnectWise (LabTech) Acquires ScreenConnect,

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    While at my HTG Peer Group meetings last week, I heard that ConnectWise (LabTech) acquired ScreenConnect earlier this month, and they will be including the ScreenConnect remote control technology as part of the standard LabTech offering. 

    My intention is not to endorse ScreenConnect or LabTech, or use this thread to complain about KRC. I just want to have a conversation to ask what the Kaseya community thinks of this acquisition?

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  • I believe it is a power move by a Kaseya competitor to have a 'strong' Remote Control offering so the 'playing field' is leveled on that feature.

  • I'd rather use screenconnect than KRC

  • I watched some demos of ScreenConnect I can see why people want to use it as it appears to be light years ahead of KRC if everything they show actually works as advertised. The realist/skeptic in me would want to see how well this works in real life especially after they integrate it with Labtech.

  • we use Screenconnect purchased an unlimited version before the Connectwise purchased it. and we have a grandfather price structure. it is without doubt the best Remote control product on the market bar none. We use KRC to install it and almost never use the KRC remote control as it is not a functional or fast.

  • I hope kaseya fixs their remote tool, because I can't stand KRC, is awful. Labtech can cost the same and you will have a great remote tool included.

    I use Kaseya and Connectwise control now, is not the best thing having two difference software when you can have all in one.

  • i'm not sure what problems you guys have with KRC? We moved from LabTech over to Kaseya, and while, yes, KRC is missing some key features that ScreenConnect has, KRC is way faster. Using LiveConnect gives you everything else ScreenConnect accomplishes.  

  • Hello Chase,

    Your sites have most likely very large amount of bandwidth and they are close to where your Kaseya system is.

    KRC pales in comparison with many remote access tools available. The only really good KRC feature is connection time (it is as fast as Teamviewer to establish a connection). But after that, operating the remote machine with KRC is painful compared to alternatives.

    I had a video sent to support with a side by side comparison and they admitted that the difference was extremely visible but could not do anything to fix it (so my team kept using Teamviewer)

    RDP, Teamviewer and even Screenconnect are faster than KRC operating a remote machine.

    This is linear as bandwidth becomes more smaller or latency increases.

    All factors that systems such as Teamviewer or RDP compensate for.

    It kind of works (when it is not freezing doing CTRL+C) if you only deal with wide-bandwidth.

    Other than that, you are better off with another product.

    I wish Kaseya worked on Teamviewer integration instead of IT Glue..

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