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R9 - Reviews and Issues

  • The acronis backups so un-reliable in R8 that I was planning to moving to R9 but now this post has scared me more. Thanks @Craig for appraising.



  • Don't get me wrong. R9 is a pretty stable release - KRC finally is "usable" and the other stuff is basically fine. If you're on R8, going to R9 is really uneventful.

    The fix for the views issue is just about ready (I've been testing the fix on my end) and once that's done, R9 should be just fine.

    @Rajeev: Acronis works fine for me, always has except the old 95% complete bug from the 6.3-ish era.

  • Thanks for these updates guys. I will definitely be planning the upgrade in the next two weeks. It sounds like the two major issues are resolved or are being resolved very shortly.

    As for the version support. I thought that support was for the current version and the prior two. I will definitely be upgrading now that you mentioned it is N-1...

    Thanks again!

  • Kaseya emailed me just now saying that they have delayed my update download until next week due to issues with the current state of R9.

  • I would never install one of their updates right after it's released. Did you have like hundreds of mobile devices waiting to be managed? If not, then why? It's always a mess and then it calms down. I did not see anything in the webinar that I was excited for.

    I've found Chrome to work with Kaseya the best. I don't get as many UI problems. I always have to use IE for LiveConnect, though. I think the new remote control platform has been pretty good. It's much faster than it used to be and it's about time we had a quick tool for something that the product is largely used for. Thanks Kaseya for developing this and working out the bugs. I'll be fine on version 8 for a while...

  • @dantheman; R8 has a serious bug in KRC - if you open 4 or 5 KRC sessions simultaneously and keep them open, your machine will slow to a crawl. This alone makes R9 worth having (It's only fixed in R9, no R8 patch).

    I choose to be an early adopter of new releases: why? because someone has to find those bugs. I have only a few hundred agents to manage and we are a small, agile firm so I have a little time to spend on these sorts of things; also I develop an add-on so I like to know my code works with every version. Besides this, Kaseya is still the best, most fully integrated platform; (only connectwise rivals it). We have  amassive investment in Kaseya and making any change is just "too hard" so its in my best interest to help make Kaseya the very best it can be.

    You are correct though, if you delay implementing the new version by about 4 weeks, the major bugs will be found and fixed by people like me, and you can enjoy a less troublesome upgrade as a result.

    You are correct that Chrome works well; there are workarounds to make KRC work in chrome however there are still some bugs. The Kaseya UI really needs a makeover and updating for modern browsers; however that would be a truly massive overhaul in of itself, even without adding any new functionality. Having said that, Autotask did just that recently; so it "can be done" with enough effort and resources.

  • I see that Patch is now out, which fixes the views bugs I have mentioned above.

  • ah OK now I understand. Kudos to you for being brave! I was not aware of that bug with R8. I am curious about your issue with the views. I did notice that apparently R8 had an issue with views in policy management. It seems like a bunch of my policies got broken because my account did not have access to some views. I had to recreate a bunch of them, so no big deal.

    It's good to hear that you are fully invested in the product- I am a big fan as well. A visual makeover would be pretty cool. I should change the color scheme one day LOL. I never even messed with that before. I hope you got your bugs worked out! I was more or less bummed that R9 didn't have anything new for me.I honestly don't want anything to do with mobile devices.

  • For me, the views issues started with R9, and didn't exist in R8. In examining the SQL code that fixed the views bug, it looks like something to do with old temp tables not being cleaned up properly.

    For me, all my policies got broken too as every policy is linked to a view - if you delete the view, the policy breaks as well. I imagine this would also break reporting.

  • Thanks to everyone for sharing.

    So for the early adopters of R9 who have installed the latest patch, are there any R9 outstanding issues/problems that remain? (specifically I am focusing on functionality that worked in R8, but go broken with R9).

    Thanks in advance!


  • I still have half a dozen tickets open, but they are all for niggling little bugs like display formatting and some fairly advance dissue with SQL (that don't really break any functionality), no showstoppers.

    The only bug that is a minor issue, is that kinstall.exe keeps not recognizing that EMM is installed and wanting to do a full re-install of EMM every time I install a patch. This in't an issue it just means the reinstall takes a little longer.

    So, for those of you holding off, i would say that R9 is now "safe" to roll out; just make sure you wind up on or later.

  • Ok, thanks Craig, I am running a backup of my database and will perform the upgrade right after that.

    Will report back,


  • Upgrade went smoothly on my site.

    I will give a shot with EMM internally to see how it works.

    We are now updating agents.

    Will complete my report after using R9 a couple of days.

  • Just noticed that when doing a remotecontrol session the CTRL key is still "stuck".

    I thought this bug was sorted ?

    I am running the new remote control plugin.

  • I haven't experienced any stuck keys - however if the machine you're remoting into hasn't had an agent upgrade and a reboot, it may be a leftover situation from the old version.

    As a quick fix, KRC in then press and release both CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys on your keyboard (one at a time) whilst within the KRC session, and see if that unsticks things.

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