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User Logon Report

  • Has anyone used Kaseya to create of report of user logons per workstation?  I can't seem to find a way to do this.  Basically I would like to see each computer listed and a list of user logons and offs for each.

    I can use the uptim report then hover the icons to see the user logon/off times, but I was hoping for a way to generate a text report of this.


  • One approach I would take with this is to enable Event Log Monitoring for 'successful login' (Its on the forum somewhere).  

    Once you collect these logs you should be able to report on them from the event log collection above.

  • Thanks, Oscar.  Do you know how to differentiate between the logon events that are someone actually logging in to the computer versus a process running with credentials, etc.  From reviewing my security logs, I see a lot of logon events throughout the day.

  • The thread below should point you in the right direction: