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CIM Monitoring ESXi 5.5.0 in KNM

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I have poured over forum posts about monitoring bare metal hardware on esxi hosts via the built-in CIM capabilities, but have been less than successful at implementation.  Server hardware is Dell Poweredge r810/r820 with newer PERC raid installed.

I attempted using the webm_esxi_health_.lua script...this provides me with a "test ok" result, but no data on what is being monitored,everything is listed as "lua data" with no descriptions.

Has anyone had luck monitoring server hardware on an ESXi host using only the built in capabilities of CIM provided by VMWare and Kaseya alone, or does this require OMSA to be loaded as well?

All replies welcomed, before i tear any more hair out today. 

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  • I've used that LUA script in the past and like you wondered exactly what it was doing and was it actually monitoring anything.  However when one of my test sites accidentally removed a redundant power cable I was sent warning emails letting me know there was a problem.  So from that point of view it appears to work. I hadn't installed anything extra.

    How you're supposed to send your customers something other than an email saying that you've not had any emails through so you think it's OK is another thing.

  • the only thing we are getting in KNM is "TEST OK", nice but.....

    what is OK ?

    Which Test ?

  • I've had some drives fail while monitoring with the lua script and they were not picked up.  Pulling the power cord on a test server seems to alert though.

  • 17 days and counting and ZERO work from support on if/when this issue will be fixed.  The "Native" support for ESXi monitoring in KNM is an absolute joke.

  • I have performed some tests with Dell ESXi 5.5 hosts and can confirm that the inbuilt LUA script with KNM (SAAS) version does not pickup failed or predicted failed disks. Id oes pickup failed PSU's though. Currently we are monitoring disk arrrays with snmp via idrac. it would be really useful if an inbuilt lua script for dell esxi was added as currently you cannot add your own to the SAAS model