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Is Kaseya 6.5 Supported?

  • I had seen some discussion on the forums of folks having support tickets disregarded because they are still running Kaseya 6.5, but I did not see a response from anyone at Kaseya.

    Can someone at Kaseya confirm if version 6.5 is still supported?

    Thank you.

  • Kaseya’s official support policy says:

    ‘Kaseya will provide Technical Support Services for the then-current version of its Software.  Kaseya will also provide Technical Support Services for the most recent prior version of its on-premise Software for a minimum period of one (1) year after availability of a subsequent version, after which time Technical Support Services may no longer be available for the prior version.

    Based on this support policy, 6.5 is supported until end of January 2015.

    And just to be clear about “unsupported version” it only means there is no commitment to create patches for that version. For our maintenance customers, we continue to take calls, help with workarounds, identify problems, etc. and upgrade them, for free, to the latest version at any point they want to. Sometimes, the scope of a bug fix is too extensive to be rolled out as patch for the older versions. In such cases the bug fix will be included in one of the future releases.

    We do everything we can to help a customer on an older release identify an existing fix if one exists, and help them with a workaround, and research their problem. But if we research and identify a problem on 6.5 that is already, or subsequently fixed on 7.0 or 8.0, the resolution to the ticket may be to upgrade to the current release to get the fix.

    We obviously want our maintenance customers to upgrade to the latest version as often as possible. In every 12 month cycle, we launch 3 new releases. At any point, our latest release is more robust in performance than the previous version, which is why we expect our maintenance customers to upgrade to at least one of this new releases in a 12 month cycle, if not all three. 

    I am sure you all will agree that supporting too many versions with patches for a long time will be a drain on our resources, limiting our ability to focus and satisfy our customers with our offerings.

  • "Based on this support policy, 6.5 is supported until end of January 2015."

    Hmm. R8 is the current version. Therefore, the most recent prior version would be 7.0. This makes 6.5 fall into the unsupported category.

    Having said that, yes my experience has always been that Kaseya will do it's best to support you, where possible. Inevitably, sometimes, the end result is you must upgrade to fix the problem.

  • Even before release 8 when version 7 was the latest we didn't get any support for version 6.5, I was told to upgrade every time.

  • I was told the same thing as HardKnoX, and I have the support emails from Kaseya to prove it.

  • Same here.  After our upgrade to 6.5 I had a service desk issue.  I was told on March 10th that they identified the problem and written a fix.  That fix was included in version 7.  We pay thousands of dollars for software maintenance and get nothing in return.

  • Kaseya do try their best to assist us with any issues (we are on 6.5) but if a "fix" is required for a bug, they will only fix it for the latest version.  Which makes maintenance pretty much worthless.  Below are three responses from Support from three separate tickets I have had over the last couple of months:

    "I hate to say it but this is a known issue in 6.5 that has been fixed in 7"

    "This bug is unlikely to get fixed in 6.5 release."

    "I have logged a ticket with development to get this resolved however it's unlikely that this would be fixed in 6.5"

  • The answer really is simple. Upgrade. I really don't get why there is so much resistance to upgrading.

  • As an MSP with 25k active seats it really isn't as simple as just doing the upgrade.  We have hardware implications and the downtime whilst performing this update to factor in whilst also making the system available during the 16 hours a day we have techs using it for support purposes.

    I know we're not alone being even further behind than the 6.5 mentioned in this thread, lots of other large Kaseya users also have huge implications as their businesses run 24/7 globally so scheduling in an update is incredibly hard to do and that's why a lot of sites are on old versions.

    Fortunately we rarely log support calls but when we do there are a few members of the Kaseya support that have been there since the beginning and usually can assist when we are having serious issues.  

    We have an active 8.0 server running internally and until that came out I had no intention of upgrading our customer facing servers to 6.5 or 7.0 but I'm happy enough with 8.0 to make that move.  It's going to be painful and we'll have meetings about meetings to make sure everything is planned to perfection and by this time 9.0 will be out.  This is my next big issue - 3 updates a year and trying to stay within 2 versions for support is going to be more difficult.  However the differences between 7.0 and 8.0 were very minor and having watched the webinar yesterday and seeing that the main improvements in 9.0 are modules I don't, and currently have no intention of using, I see no need to update with each release unless there is a major addition that we'd feel the need to upgrade for.

    Fortunately we've made good inroads with Kaseya of late and they know where we're at which gives me peace of mind should an issue arise.

  • I'm not upgrading because I'm not interested in trading one set of problems for another.  We pay for maintenance and I don't think I'm out of line for expecting Kaseya to fix bugs that it creates.  Especially in a release that they billed as the "Trust Release".  I am also unwilling to give up RDP access until Kaseya comes up with a replacement that is as reliable and feature-rich as RDP, which they haven't.  If they would patch RDP back into version 8 I would upgrade today.  Actually, I would upgrade this weekend, but I would make the decision to upgrade today.

    The old management may have been a bunch of bumbling, stumbling fools at times, but at least they listened to their customers.  I haven't seen any indication that the new management gives one *** what any of us who keep their company afloat think.

  • I agree, we are not upgrading as there are "features" in version 7 that are utterly unworkable in our environment.  We also are plagued with issues not working  but being fixed in ver 7.  The MDM is a good example which no longer works in 6.5 for GPS location, KDB which no longer works in Live Connect for 6.5.  The list goes on and on yet we still pay the big money but for what.