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Some License Keys reported in Audit appear as "BBBBB-BBBBB..."

  • More of  a curiousity than a problem...

    Does anyone else see that all Windows 7 license keys in the audit are listed as the same key.  It used to be BBBBB-BBBBB... but now all my machines have the same key listed.

    Does anyone know how/why this changed?


  • Microsoft frequently changes the way license keys are stored. It can typically be found in the registry, but the value changes and the content will need to be decrypted (this cipher also changes often). Basically, Kaseya has to update the Latest Audit procedure with the new methods.

  • Thanks, I know it wasn't a Kaseya problem, but I just thought it was curious that it now appears to look like a key instead off BBBBB-BBBB but all are the same.

  • See helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../36551976-Some-License-Keys-reported-in-Audit-appear-as-BBBBB-BBBBB-

    also community.kaseya.com/.../19582.aspx

    or just search for Kaseya BBBBB-BBBBB on google - it's been discussed many times.