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Kaseya R8: Reviews and Issues

  • Is anyone on 8.0 yet? How did the upgrade go?

  • Our upgrade went smoothly, though it took an hour or so. (Each module: "Stopping Kaseya services... wait for it... updating software, starting services, NEXT!") The improvements to KRC are nifty, though so far we haven't been able to get the user-selection drop-down to appear for terminal servers. Also, they took away the "new Executive Summary" look they showed us in the demo a few days ago.

    So basically R8 = "We fixed the new remote control a bit!" and... not much else.

  • I am concerned that they pulled demo'd features.  What is going on with Kaseya....

  • It gets better. Remember in the demo, the drop-down to select sessions to "shadow" on a terminal server?

    Yeah, that's not showing up at all, not in regular or "private" mode.

    I'll grant you that the overall experience has improved, but, sheesh.

  • Upgraded last night.  First pass failed about 30 minutes into the upgrade accessing ksubscribers db - even though I verified the sa credentials before proceeding.  Ran setup again and everything installed without further issues.  I think it took about an hour to complete.  No real issues except the numlock issue already reported.  Remote control has improved. It is still not as clear as RDP but I am finding it more usable now than in v7.  

    Thought I saw a spelling mistake. It was just a spot on my glasses.
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  • I think I remember them mentioning the Terminal Server shadow piece required that Microsoft policies for this had to be in place before it would work.

  • Yes, Kaseya will honor the security settings under the group policy:


  • Psssst...

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\Shadow = 2 (DWORD)

    (Because it's INFINITELY easier for me to push a registry key to terminal servers via Kaseya than it is for me to setup GPOs on over a hundred domains.)

  • Good call. Should note that will only work if the policy is not configured at all via GPO, otherwise GPO will override if it has been configured as disabled.

  • So far so good on R8. For me the only real changes are the improvements to KRC....4 months for some (much-needed) improvements to one small area. Meh.

    I note that KRC logging doesn't get written to the traditional log table in SQL, so I need to re-write my code (again).

  • KRC logs added in R8

  • @ghanssen - Right, I should've mentioned that. I figure that if the GPO is set and does the override, it's there for a reason and I'm not going to fight with it. :)

  • Are there any significant bugs that got fixed, or created, in R8?

  • Well, I'm in full-on head-to-desk mode here.

    Last week after the upgrade we were THRILLED when servers which had been unusably slow with the 7.0 KRC became snappy and responsive with the R8 version.

    Now? They're back to being unusably slow. NOTHING has changed on our end, no patches, no nothing. So much for speed improvements, lower CPU usage, and hardware acceleration...

  • I went back and had a look at the R8 roadmap from where it was earlier in the year.:


    By my reckoning, R8 is missing the following 'promised' features:

    Command and Control

    New Remote Control (Project Palantír)

    • Drag and drop and file transfer

    • “Real” Terminal Emulator

    • Windows, Mac, and Linux

    Patch Management

    • Integrate Patch Management & Software Deployment and Update into one module

    Application Infrastructure

    Info Center

    • Reporting - New Executive Summary

    • Dashboards - include additional visualization dashboard controls

    Security & Backup


    • New simplified Backup & Restore module

    • Deliver top-down use cases for Backup operations

    • Disc Imaging Backup

    • Files & Folder Backup

    • Manages Kaseya and partner backup products

    • Use Cases: Backup, Restore, Offsite Replication, Alerts, Profiles, Reporting

    IT Operations Management

    Virtual System Administrator

    • Updated Active Directory discovery

    • Built on top of new Unified Data Collector

    • Plugs into VSA seamlessly

    • Single enhanced monitoring engine for VSA

    • Replaces Classic Monitor

    Add to that list:


    • Support for AVG2014 (was to be released as a hotfix to VSA 7, then was to be in R8, now deleted entirely)

    R8's fixes to KRC are great. It's what wasn't delivered that disappoints me.