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Looks like forum admins can't keep promises either

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    I have had multiple posts deleted over the last couple of days. Can you explain that Mr. Varun?

    If i can't post on the forums you bet im gonna start posting on large blog sites so the entire public can see the horrible support we receive from Kaseya for the amount of money we spend

    I may look like all i do is post negative things. But honestly who can post anything positive right now. Kaseya has done a horrible job with support and the new "execs" have shed no light to any of the long term paying customers

  • Hi Josh,

    The reasons for deleting your specific two posts were notified to you.

    I am sure you see that we do not remove specific complaints from the forum (i.e. look up KRC discussions).
    The negative nature of your complaints were not the concern here, as you must have seen in the reasons sent to you.

    I have sent you a separate email explaining all of this. 

    For everyone reading this:
    We sincerely welcome members posting genuine and specific negative feedback about Kaseya products and services.
    Of course the assumption is that members continue to do so with specificity and follow a professional code of conduct i.e. no personal attacks, no falsification of facts, no spam or off-topic posts, no abusive language etc.

  • I am a very unhappy 6+ year Kaseya customer too. The one thing I can say right now that is positive is that Varun and his predecessors generally do not remove posts unless they were inappropriate. They only sensory processes is to remove bad language or behavior, but not comments good or bad about the product(s) and services. On this issue, kaseya has been very fair and indulging. When something is removed, I have received an email explaining the reason for the censorship or removal.

  • I agree with marcb. Sorry, Josh. I don't know the specifics of your deleted posts but I do know that forum admins have been very patient and accepting of negative comments here. In my opinion, it says a lot about Kaseya management that they haven't turned this venue into a circle of ardent admirers only and are willing to allow expression of the bad along with the good.