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  • We are a SAAS customer and have open tickets that seem to take forever to get responses to. Specifically integration questions, system errors, KNM issues, etc.

    Is this the norm? Very frustrating that we can't just chat with somebody or have somebody pick up the phone when we call. 

  • What are your ticket numbers?
  • 42128 (42857 got created as a dupe) specifically at the moment.

  • That has been the norm for years. You often have to mention bad support on the forums or hassle your rep to get support to move on many issues.  Also be prepared to be told that you will have to wait for the next version for the issue to be fixed.  That seems to be the way bugfixing is going at Kaseya.

  • We've had the same trouble as Scott.  Things seemed to get better soon after the ownership change but that didn't last long and recently I've had tickets that sat for a week give or take before they're even picked up by anyone.   I currently have 4 open tickets that haven't been touched in over a month that are waiting on engineering or development.  I've also had a few others that we've been told should be fixed in the next release of whatever module so that fix in Backup that I was promised in the early spring has been pushed until now the Jan 15 release.  Public shaming seems to be the only way to actually get things done anymore.

  • I get "Group not found" when using your link, Varun.

  • I am not seeing any way to join this special anti-troll group; and the link says "Group Not Found" when I click on it.

    We gave up on the backup module. We could not get it to work correctly and were advised that it was on the list to be resolved. We use a different company for our backups now.

    Regarding our ticket above that started my posting on these boards, we were told that SAAS products do not support integration with ConnectWise as CW requires their own webservice to be installed on the Kaseya box. Unfortunately, this was only after hours invested by my boss with both CW and KAS support groups...

    What is lacking, in terms on Kaseya support specifically, is a way of knowing what is and what isn't working. Both at a SAAS level and an on-premise level.

    I spent time trying to get the maps to work in KNM - was advised that Google API isn't supported using https unless it is purchased. Advised to submit a feature request.

    KNM - there is a bug preventing logging with the DME.exe application on SAAS - so no custom maps. Again, had to open a support ticket.

    It would be great on the boards to have a listing, broken down by module, as to which items are currently experiencing issues, being worked on, status, anything. Not only would it give us a way to answer our boss's questions, it would cut down on the number of tickets being submitted.

    Outside of the slow response time, I have to say, Kaseya still kicks the crap out of the previous RMM that we were using.

  • Looking into the "Group not found" issue.

    Some folks have already joined that group....so it is strange you see that message.

    Will investigate and update.

  • Still getting group not found - maybe you need to submit a feature request, Varun, or maybe open a support ticket? Post your ticket number here if you don't get a response!


  • I love your response Zippo... I have the same difficulty.

  • Group not found here also

    That URL looks different to the usual forum URL's - suspect Varun has pasted the wrong info!

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  • +1 for @zippo

    Broken for me too

  • I'm sure support will get it fixed in the next release, I think it's on the roadmap already.

  • +1 here for support being unbelieveably slow. I have been told that if you attain a Kaseya cert then you get priority support. I became a KCA about a year ago, and if anything, the support has become slower than before. For example, I have had a ticket open open for 11 days for someone to delete an orphaned monitor set and nothing has happened. I raised a ticket a couple of days ago with an issue with KSB where I am unable to create a recurring service for a client and this is still waiting for assignment to an agent.