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Macs and Kaseya

  • I have 3 questions.

    First is there a way to setup a view based on a application installed on a Mac like windows?

    Second how can I build a procedure that can get the OS of a Mac and determine to install or not?

    Third can I setup a view on computers say for Mac with a OS version greater that 10.7?

  • We have several clients with Macs in our SAAS hosted Kaseya implementation.

    You can set up a view based on installed applications. We use a view to find TeamViewer installations. The view looks like Applications > Contains > TeamViewer*

    The Macs will report the version of the OS installed during an Audit. Once an audit is completed, it will return a string like this: Mac OS X 10.9.2 BldID: 13C1021

    I'm not 100% on doing a straight view as you have the OS Type option (Mac OS X) and OS Version Filter which is a masked type search. You need to do the following:

    Create a filter with OS type: Mac OS X

    Advanced agent data filter: checked

    Define Filter

    OS Version: *10.9* OR *10.8* OR *10.7*

    Since the OS version is a string, you just have to see if the versions you are looking for are there - so if you want everything later than 10.6, you'd use the above.