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Hover popup and Run Procedure Now no longer working?

  • Is anyone able to run procedures when you mouse over the agent icon and choose a Procedure under Run Procedure Now?  From what I can tell that no longer works for us, but running the same procedure on the Procedures tab does.

  • Never mind I tried IE and it works.  Isn't working for me in Chrome.

  • Just tried it in Chrome and it worked fine for me. Clicked Lock Workstation procedure, I got the little pop up that says, do you want to run this procedure now. Clicked yes and about 4 seconds later my workstation locked.

    Chrome Version 36.0.1985.143 m


  • Seems to be working for me in Chrome again.  Not sure what was happening (they never showed up in pending procedures or in the log).  An aside, our KAV and KAM services still fail to start automatically after the VSA patch process, and after rebooting sometimes.