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Product and support related issues - Calendar Year 2014

  • @Rachel

    I'm really happy for all your customers that have had successful deployments and that don't rely on the more advance functionality and security that RDP connections provide but how does this help those of us who depend on RDP to do our work?

    If only 40% of the ANZ customer base have upgraded does that mean 60% decided not to upgrade because they are either not happy with the fact that RDP was "removed" or they are waiting for other issues to be resolved like the stability of the remote control tool or the Procedure Approval feature and all the other issues that never come to light until one of the Kaseya Forum community members mentions or complains about it in a post?

    Does not sound very promising.

  • I am right there with you. This "new management" came in with the guns held high, but forgot to load the bullets in the guns. Trust??? HAHA what trust is that.

    This is kaseya's trust

    1) Submit a ticket

    2) Wait for reply - "We are aware of this issue and aware we use our clients as beta testers. We are submitting this to our dev team. Stand by and will update ticket when resolved"

    3) Get an email 2 days later - Ticket closed


    Thats your process with kaseya support

  • Varun,

    I have 6 tickets in the system and a dozen in the old system that were never responded to.

    Your taking a ticket to follow up is silly and does not push the problem to be fixed any sooner or better.It's a bogus time waster for all of us.

    I have a Discovery Issue, a KAV issue (18 months and still waiting) that Kaseya Support said over and over that DEV found the problem and would be fixed with the May Release. I have LiveConnect issues as do many. I have issues that KNM will not allow you to select a gateway, thus rendering it useless.

    I have Agent deployment issues. All Ticketed and none fixed nor will they be fixed before until 8.0.

    I got my 7.0 release in the middle of July and it was still with many bugs and broke many working items. It's disingenuous to call it a May release on the last day of the month, and then you don't actually get it a month and a half  later with many new broken items. Making us wait until Sept (30) really means December for items that need to be fixed now!  We should be compensated not the other way around for all the tech support we have to spend ourselves.

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  • Just to be clear, I never promised a happy solution or faster fix for the support tickets that I follow up on. I only ensure an update on the progress of the ticket. I assume this update is helpful to folks when they do not hear back from the support team for a long time.

  • Its an automated system. Why don't we hear back in a reasonable amount of time as the tickets continue to pile up?

    Even if there is no change or nothing to report, the techs picking up tickets should be following up on a regular basis.

  • I feel I should add my 2 cents - since my name was featured on the press release about the remote control and I personally tested it.  I am also trying to be constructive and understand how frustrated people are - but trying to be constructive so don't attack me - lol!

    For us - the remote control is working great..  We have a hand full of machines that have issues ( maybe a dozen out of 1900 ).  We have noticed some speed issues on machines when the kserver is under load ( something I could not test in my test environment) - but otherwise, its working..  I would like to see more features that my RDP connections had - but the fact we can connect so fast has made our clients happy..  Connecting with RDP/VNC at times would take forever and sitting on the phone saying "just waiting for my connection to come up" doesn't always work in the high pace that people are accustomed to in my area.  Sometimes the screen scaling isn't the best and slow clicking times are aggravating - but the clients see us working instantly and has seemed to negate the anger over getting to them fast enough.  

    RDP is/was nice because people on the other end could not see what we were doing.  I sometimes have to investigate a user, event logs, etc. and I can no longer do this during business hours in fear of what people may see ( some clients don't have locks on server doors ).  I liked I could copy and paste a file.  I like using my number key pad.  All of this I would prefer as a tech - but being on a client computer instantly makes them happy so I can live without it.

    I cannot speak to all the issues everyone is having - over the past x years its always been hit or miss when upgrading - guess because our environments differ so much..   50% would say upgrade went great - other 50% plagued with issues.  6.2 and 6.3 was so bad for me I wanted to jump ship myself - even had another company agent deployed on 1 server in every location as a test bed.  I am glad I did not - Kaseya does have features that I know and use that work well and have improved over the years.

    What I will say - it seems like support - in general - is not as responsive as I would hope.  I have had to reach out to our sales person ( she is a freaking saint for putting up with me and is always happy to help ) to get my tickets addressed.   I have gone days before it is even assigned to someone..   The severity level I assign is what I feel is important to my company and clients - I do not like that Kaseya decides for me no matter what I choose..   I also feel a lot of times support pushes a canned response off on you to buy time..  Re-apply schema, re-run the install, etc.  After this many years - I know to do this and most of the time have done it prior to the ticket being placed - and it usually does not solve the issue.

    Being a MSP and in the business of resolving tickets - that sort of response to our customers would result in them going to another company..  Problem here is - when something is broke in our environment that I need  for our clients - the speed of Kaseya's support ends up being the speed of my support.  Waiting days for a response is just not acceptable.

    I personally think everyone ( dont want to speak for people - so correct me if I am wrong ) posting here would not be as frustrated if we felt someone was actively working to repair our issue.  I know when I reply to a ticket - I have another 12-36 hours before the next reply comes though in most cases ( unless you mark as completed then its insanely fast ).

    Its not just that things are not working - its that things are not working and we are left in the dark as to when and how they are going to get addressed..  As I said above - in the past month I have reached out to my sales person at least 6 times to say WTF is going on and why hasn't this been addressed.  I know it is not her job, but she gets it done quickly..  If we could get that response from support I think posts like this and general frustration would not exist,

    Well thats my 2 cents - take it for what it is worth

    Now to go follow up on my tickets!

  • The more people find out about RDP being removed, the more people will complain.  It's ridiculous that they even think this is a good idea.  And to put salt on wounds, THEY REMOVED A WORKAROUND WITH A PATCH!

    Kaseya:  Hey we have a new remote control thing, it's cool!

    Customer: OK, looking forward to working with it!

    Kaseya: Cool, oh... by the way, we are going to remove RDP... that tool you never use

    Customer: Whoa whoa whoa.... we use that every day!  It's a key part of our business!

    Kaseya: Yea.. so.. uh, We don't care, it's gone

    Customer:  WTF!?

    Kaseya:  <no response>

    Customer: Alright... we figured out a script to make RDP work even though Kaseya took it out

    Kaseya: <no response>

    Kaseya: ATTENTION: We have "fixed" the workaround that gives our customers what they want by removing RDP completely!  You are welcome!

    Customer: WTF!?

    We have been loyal to Kaseya for so many years... but I think it's time for us to switch.

  • Varun - with all due respect it's nice that you are willing to go over and kick some support butt to try and get them to do their jobs and communicate with the people actually paying their wages and I'm sure those whose tickets have been ignored sincerely do appreciate your help but the sad fact is that it's like digging a hole in the desert sand - it may make you feel good momentarily but until Kaseya Management actually begins to care about their customers the problem of the lack of communication from support will remain. It's the trickle down effect and the attitude of non-caring from above produces an attitude of non-caring below. The lack of communication from support is a very common refrain here as anyone who has spent any time in this forum can attest.

    And it's clear that management doesn't care about how their customers feel about the lack of communication from support anymore than they care about how their customers feel about the removal of RDP. Both issues have been explained clearly and respectfully to Kaseya management and, in the first case all we got was lip service and in the second we got told quite clearly to take a hike.

    The product works for me but I'm still at and see no reason at this time to go any further. I'm able to work around its limitations and bugs and I deal with any issues myself as I will no longer waste my time calling on support. I'll wait until the October release and then see how that goes for a couple of months before deciding whether to move to it or not but if I do move and experience problems I will continue to resolve or avoid them on my own.

  • For all the quotes you can provide of people that like the upgrade, we can provide plenty more that do not like the upgrade.

    The responses on this has been pitiful.  I've been using Kaseya since 2005 and have never seen such useless comments from Kaseya about the removal of RDP and in all of these posts not a single explanation of why RDP was actually removed.  

    You have made two major mistakes and you need to reconsider your attitude towards customer service.

    1) If you had left RDP in for version 7, introduced KRC so that we had both options, it would have been such a win.   You could have then prep'd everyone for the removal of RDP when you had KRC up to snuff.

    2) Be honest.  Just tell people why RDP is being removed.  

    The comments that other people are happy just piss us off.  We are not stupid.  We are highly intelligent.  Most of us are running our own companies.  And we ARE PAYING YOUR BILLS!  

  • The customers pay the bills so clearly removing a highly useful and integral part of the way they do business should be the focus. Why would the discussion of removing RDP even come up?

  • Well - lets see if this works

    RDP work around Version 2


    The 2 web pages that Kaseya stripped out in Patch
    A reworked VBS file to use RDP

    **This is not supported by Kaseya so use at your own risk**

    Hope it helps!!!

  • Alright.  I've been quiet about this for too long.  If I went to one of my customers, uninstalled one of the programs they used daily, and then said "Too Bad, use this program now".  I would be in big trouble.  Kaseya is doing this to all of us right now.  A 2nd work around is not a solution.  Kaseya, we need some help here.  Add me to the list of people frustrated with this decision.

    - Jeff

  • Wasn't suggesting a solution - a work around for the time being.

  • @GreyDuck, @Alistair, @HardKnoX, @Paul,

    Thank you all for your detailed posts. I share many of the thoughts, feelings and suggestions that you all wrote, and I believe many others in the community do too.  As a 6+ year user with a lot of my business based on K technology, I truly hope that things will turn around and get back on track very soon.


  • I completely agree with HardKnox.  we had a brain freeze and upgraded to VSA 7.0 we figured we have to move with times.  The main feature was the remote control speed.  Now, although it may connect very fast  on a large number of servers is unbearable to work with.  adding insult to injury no RDP option.

    In addition, is is affecting our work, now all the proactive maintenance we do on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis by login in to the servers, is affecting the way we do our work.  Just yesterday, I had to explain to a customer why the mouse was moving on her.  Completely unnecessary if you ask me.

    Now our techs are using remote access on the servers whenever it has been enabled using terminal server gateway.  But not all clients have that requirement.