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Product and support related issues - Calendar Year 2014

  • Let's see.

    • January's upgrade broke backups. Let's not beat around the bush. Getting Acronis 11 to install has been a nightmare, particularly on 2012 servers, ESPECIALLY on 2012 domain controllers.
    • I was told repeatedly that 7.0 contained the fixes we needed for KBU/Acronis. Great. I upgraded, and I still have the exact same problems.
    • January's upgrade introduced a weird Javascript bug (or collection of bugs?) which results in having to reload the webpage periodically. I've had a ticket open on this for months now, through the 7.0 upgrade and beyond, still no sign of a fix.
    • The 7.0 upgrade broke procedure approvals. Oh, I can mark a procedure as approved, I just can't run it. I've been a couple of WEEKS now without being able to use a handful of critical procedures (I tried to get everyone to stop making edits once I realized there's an issue, but...). This is a "known issue" which is on the "engineers backlog." Well, that's nice. I wouldn't want anyone to feel as though this was important to resolve, or anything. Sad
    • The 7.0 upgrade broke agent installers. Installer packages downloaded from dl.asp after the upgrade won't check in right away, sometimes not showing up for days, if ever. The ticket (#33752) I opened on this on July 18 has not, in fact, had any response from Kaseya whatsoever. Nope. None.
    • The new remote control? Useless on anything with font scaling, like most of the tablets out there (Surface users seem to love cranking up the font zoom percentage). And it's often slow. And it disconnects randomly. My techs are going back to K-VNC by the droves. We agree that the snappy connect times are neat, but once you're connected it's rather underwhelming. And blotchy-looking, quite often.

    My job's supposed to be "use Kaseya to make things awesome for our clients," not "badger Kaseya support techs about crap we've been having trouble with nearly the entire calendar year," but guess what...?

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  • Was any of the above fixed in today's update? help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    I noticed in the notes they removed legacy VNC and RDP components.  I wonder if this is going to stop the RDP workaround VBA that was posted by the community?

  • Doesn't look like anything in that patch note list affects any of my tickets, sadly.

    And I bet you're right.

  • I came to these forums shouting at Kaseya before they released that crapware known as 7.0 for months prior to its release.  I said it was going to be bad and it turned out to be worse than I was warning everyone about.  

    Note:  We did not upgrade to 7.0 and have no plans to do so.

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  • Thanks for the info GreyDuck

    I had no intention to upgrade to 7 because of the remote control change and now that I hear about all these other issues I know that I have made the right decision.

    If you listen to what they said in the last road map and the Kaseya Connect in their mind "everything is awesome". If you ask me they are suffering from a bad case of Aswan syndrome.  

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  • In my opinion ever since the founders left the company, its been headed down hill.

  • Are we beating a dead horse here? RDP...again? No!

    The RDP issue has been discussed at length here: community.kaseya.com/.../19892.aspx

    Just to be clear "backlog" is a Agile Scrum term - it does not mean that the engineers have delayed working on it. :)

    : I am following up on your ticket#33752. What are your ticket numbers for the javascript and acronis bugs?

    To paint a fair picture, 7.0 has received strong positive response with around 4000 customers successfully upgrading to it. Most of them have given positive overall feedback.

    Agreed that some folks have refrained from upgrading especially owing to RDP issue. We hope they will come around in subsequent releases. I do not mean to say 7.0 is devoid of bugs but I question credibility of  certain sweeping statements being made here.

  • Man, don't you dare question my credibility. I've been at this for eight years now. I am genuinely experiencing the serious flaws and bugs I detailed above.

    That's a hell of a way to come in here and try to do damage control, "painting a fair picture" and questioning credibility.

  • I'm assuming Varun wasn't referring to your post when he referred to the sweeping statements, but he probably should have made that explicitly clear.

    Varun, complaints about RDP's removal are likely to continue until Kaseya provides a feature-for-feature alternative.  Like it or not, as community admin you're going to have to deal with those complaints from many of us at least the September release.  

    Granted, people are more likely to post about a bad experience than a good, but reading about issues like the OP's are keeping us from upgrading to 7.x any time soon.

  • Varun the RDP issue isn't going to go away.  But do you know what could help it is if someone from Kaseya came out with the reason that it's been removed without some of the arrogance of posts that have previously been made which basically say 'get used to it'.

    There's been speculation of licence costs from Microsoft, posts suggesting that the developers are focused on the new RC, though this is a moot point as RDP has been there for years so porting it across wouldn't have required much if any work.  The VB method that appeared on the community of continuing to use RDP was actually pretty good to have but looks like this has been removed with the latest update.

    I've got v7 setup internally but can't see me doing so on our customer facing servers for some time.  GreyDuck has long been a supporter of Kaseya, (I'm thinking about tweets that I've read over the years from the man himself - usually favourable) so when someone like him is venting his frustrations publicly can only mean that he's reached the tipping point.  Surely a more measured answer than the stock - X amount of customer have upgrade successfully most with positive feedback.  I'd love to know the average estate size of these customers, I'm guessing that they're nearly all small sites.  

    I've said this before but Remote Control was released as a half finished product, can you imagine Microsoft releasing a new version of Office with half the modules missing but telling us not to worry as the missing features will be in the next release.

    GreyDuck your frustrations are shared by this particular user and many others too.

  • I think you misunderstood me. I was not questioning your statements at all. You did not make any sweeping statement. You pointed out specific bugs with support ticket number. Sorry if I weren't clear  when I referred to "certain sweeping statements".

    If there are any more support tickets that you want me to follow up on then let me know.

    Also, If there is any other way you think we can help you out as a temporary fix then I will be happy to chat with you.

    For everyone on this thread here:

    I completely agree that the RDP issue will persist until the new KRC supports all the key features that were part of RDP.

    Complaints like GreyDuck's are real. I do not want to undermine them nor want to imply that he is one of the rare few.

    We expect folks to have complaints and we take them seriously. It helps us avoid the  Aswan Syndrome. :) 

    My only point is that :

    • 7.0 may be a no-go for some users, for very valid reasons (RDP being the dominant one) . I completely understand the frustrations behind it. But that is not true for all customers.
    • Having said that, I do not mean to say that 7.0 is devoid of bugs or that we care any less about folks bringing up issues with it. We understand that we still have work to do. We follow up internally on all these issues and do our best to address them. 
    • If your issues are got getting addressed or responded to in timely fashion then I am here to champion your case. 

  • CONFIRMED: Greyduck has been here many moons now. After all, what do you think made him grey?

  • You know, it's funny but I haven't got nearly as many grey hairs as my father did at this age...

    Varun, thank you for clearing that up. Tone is a tough thing to convey in a "soundless" environment like a web forum, and I jumped on your case a bit more forcefully than was really warranted. Everyone can stand to be more careful about how things are phrased, I suppose.

    So, let's have some bullet point updates!

    • We have someone looking into the agent check-in ticket (was on the phone for a while with someone high up in the support process) and there's definitely a mystery to be solved. The developers seem to have the meat and bones of the problem now so hopefully a fix will be in the works soon.
    • We have a workaround for the script approval issue, which is basically to have a master admin edit and save the scripts. It's a bit tedious but hey, I'm the one making 90+% of the scripts anyway and I have a 'master' account available so it could be worse. At least we have a workaround.
    • The failed backup install problem seems to stem from a new timeout-related issue, I suspect related to the new way Kaseya interfaces with IIS in the 7.0 release. If you're on 7.0 and try to deploy Acronis 11, keep a sharp eye out for whether the "big" MSI makes it to the endpoint reliably. (Maybe you can trick this by pre-loading the LAN Cache manually? I haven't tested this yet but it's a thought.) We have an IIS tweak to try, I'll be testing that after-hours.
    • The 2012 domain controller Acronis Managed Machine Service thing is still a big mystery, we have someone on that ticket now. (My guess is that Acronis does something really stupid regarding creation of the service account, but I manually created a whole new service account and the service still craps out without any word to the event log, so who knows?) To be fair, this is probably on Acronis. Assigning blame doesn't get us a working backup system, though, so there we are.
    • No word on the Javascript bug, and it looks like applying the .17 update last night has introduced a new quirk in Chrome where changing the Machine Group doesn't result in the lower pane refreshing to show the new selection. Whoopsie...

    I really, truly, genuinely want Kaseya to nail down some of these bugs in some of the core modules we've used for years. I don't want to be tempted to look elsewhere because every time I've done so in the past I've come away thinking, "Nope. Nuh uh. Me no likey."

    It's just... I'd really like for each new big release to not introduce several big new bugs. Every 6.x version number upgrade has been the same way and it's gotten to the point where my bosses and my techs alike are begging me to not do any more upgrades. That's not a good place to be, especially when I know we need some of the things still coming down the pipe (like the new ExecSummary template we've been begging for for years!).

    Here's hopin'. Big Smile

  • @Varun

    Discussing something is not the same as listening and actively doing something about your customer's problems. Agreeing that there is a problem is not the same thing as fixing the problems in your companies product.

    If Kaseya took my/our complaints seriously, they would restore the RDP functionality for those who needed and used it until they get new remote control tool sorted. Until such time I will continue to beat this "dead horse" as it is preventing me from doing my job.

  • @HardKnox, Hi Chris

    I would like to share with you a couple of the emails we have received from our ANZ customers who have upgraded to 7.0. The nature of most internet forums is that you only see one side of the issue, which is generally the less than positive one.

    This is a little of what you dont see in the forums:


    From: Mark ---- [mailto:markb@----------.com.au]

    Sent: Tuesday, 22 July 2014 3:14 PM

    To: 'Rachel Roberts'

    Subject: oh and btw - 7.0 rocks

    Hi Rachel!

    We installed 7.0 yesterday, incredible, amazing piece of software, the remote control access is phenomenal, the guys love it


    From: Scott ------ [mailto:scottk@--------.gov.au]

    Sent: 22 July 2014 10:15

    To: Andrew Hanley

    Subject: RE: K7 Availability

    Hi Andrew,

    update to K7 went smoothly, and the new remote control is definitely as promised. It had been so average for so long we were rather skeptical it would work, but it is really good.

    So far it’s a nice upgrade,


    Scott K.


    We understand that 7.0 is not a suitable release for you and this is fine, we dont expect everybody to upgrade. The reality is that 40% of the ANZ base already have and in general the feedback has been very positive. Even the more neutral comments have been positive about both the upgrade process and the new features delivered in 7.0.

    I suggest you block out October 3rd in your calendar and clear it with Boris to attend our upcoming community event in Auckland. This way you can see for yourself the new remote control (September release) in action and chat with other customers who have been live on 7.0 for some time now.