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Two factor authentication for VSA server

  • Hello,  a big feature I would like to see would be two factor authentication for Admins to our Kaseya server.

    Our master accounts have so much control it would be nice to have a second level of security besides a single password. 

  • www.scorpionsoft.com/kaseya


  • We use the AuthAnvil product and it's stable enough.

    The hard tokens are horrendously made and have a very high failure rate, but the soft tokens work fine.

    If you're only needing the 2fa for the web interface and not for actually creating 2fa on windows machines, you can get away with just installing the logon agent - www.scorpionsoft.com/.../kaseyalogon as opposed to subscribing to the full management pack.



  • We use AuthAnvil for everything and it works great. Soft token FTW!

  • I found references to GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR in various ASP pages, VSA v7.0, obviously not implemented but it should be soon. If your not familiar with Google Authenticator, I strongly encourage getting familiar with it. We have it implemented in many applications...works well. Your phone is the new key fob.

  • Forgot to mention, IT IS FREE.

  • Does AuthAnvil work with 7.0?

  • yes