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Status Board Integration

  • Hi All

    Currently running 6.3 for servicedesk and monitoring amongst other bits and pieces. I'd like to be able pull stats from Kaseya and have them displayed through a portal such as Geckoboard or similar (on a large TV screen). Has anyone done this, and can they give me some pointers?

    I have been able to get some stats out by creating some reporting and having that come out as an excel file - then pulling that into geckoboard (once converted to a CSV). Very clunky and just a POC. However I'd prefer to be able to dump out of Kaseya as XML or JSON and get the stats to show that way. 

    Any other ideas or suggestions on how to integrate?


  • There is a "NOC Dashboard" floating around in the forums here that sets up a PHP site which polls the Ksubscribers database.

    Its created on a Windows platform.

    Currently we're running a separate system I've created running on a LAMP stack and polls the database with AJAX/JQuery.

    Advantage of LAMP is its on Linux and no licenses needed.

  • Here is the forum for the NOC Dash released to the community by a great contributor:


  • Dashboard = Word on the street?  =)

  • I saw the NOC code in a thread after I posted this one. Although it would cover alot of what we would need, it does not cover everything we would be wanting to report on for our NOC screens. We have both internal and external monitoring (which is not Kaseya based), but would work fine with something like Geckoboard.

  • That NOC code is a great stepping stone. If you wish to incorporate with other products, you will need to do some development work that is for sure.

    Knowledge required would be:

    PHP/AJAX/JQuery coding for the front end

    SQL in order to data mine the backend.

    I've been able to achieve this with our in house Kaseya/Connectwise setup.

    It will require A LOT of time and energy to get what you need, to the point where you want it to be.

    Currently working on enhancing my dashboard with actionable items which would make life easier on my end, but there aren't enough hours in a day!

  • I have been able to pull data from the DB Views and convert that to CSV files (all with batch files :( ), which can then be absorbed by a status board integration. There could be sufficient information on alot of things here.

    However how often are the view tables updated in Kaseya? Obviously I'd prefer to only be pulling data from he view tables, but might need to go direct as well.

  • Firstly, a view isn't a table. A view is just a predefined SQL statement that in turn reads information from other views, tables, etc. - so the returned data is generated fresh every time you access the view.

  • I would say if a view spits out the information you need, then by all means go for it.

    The DB Views in Kaseya do a great job of filtering the scope of the data.

    You are on the right track . You simply need to figure out which platform you will integrate to, and simply port the data over, or build your own :)