I am attempting to assign a specific Assignee with the Service Desk API, however, my incident always goes to the pool instead of the assignee, even when I specifically set the AssigneeType in the incident.

Is there something on the server end that is causing this to happen or am I using the API incorrectly?

Here is my sample code:

var incident = new Incident()
ServiceDeskName = "ServiceDeskName",
Summary = "API Test [John Doe]",
Description = "API Test ...",
SubmitterEmail = "john.doe@email.com",
Status = "New",
Priority = "Medium",

AssigneeType = KaseyaServiceDesk.AssigneeType.PARTICIPANT,
Assignee = "John Doe"


var request = new AddIncidentRequest()
AddSDIncident = incident,
SessionID = Convert.ToDecimal(sessionId)

var result = ksd.AddIncident(request);