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Forum Spammers

  • Brendan Cosgrove used to be very good about removing SPAMMERS from the forum but since that resource is no longer available does anyone know how or who we should contact to get SPAMMER posts removed? Though I am expecting to see my lady friend from Nigeria posting here pretty soon...  ;-)

  • Me. I've actually had to remove a bunch of crap lately.

    For some reason we attracted about 6 different PST file cleanup vendors pitching their wares which isn't something we can accept.

    What are you seeing? Personal messages?

  • Hi Ben

    Thanks for the response. No, fortunately no personal message spammers (knock on wood). Just posts like the PST folk and others of a similar vein. Is there some preferred way to notify you if we run across something like those in the future? I know it's difficult for you guys to monitor everything that gets posted and I'm glad to help let you know when I see one, if I can.

  • Just message me the link for now.