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Kaseya update policy - I NEED TO KNOW WHEN!!

  • I am not sure if this has been addressed

    But can Kaseya setup some type of warning email or message when there is a update released. I find it very retarded i have to go and look every week or so to see if i am on the latest. What happened to it auto-updating itself? I just went and i am 2 versions behind and didn't even know. Of course in one of those releases was a security patch fix which came out today! no communication at all.

    Kaseya communication is non existing. This needs to change now! I am tired of spending all this money and hearing absolutely nothing from kaseya. Webinars and pointless conferences are retarded and don't provide anything...

    Come on mister kaseya marketing guy where you at? This is your job!!!!!!

  • Go to: helpdesk.kaseya.com/home

    Click on Knowledge Base

    Scroll Down till you see "Feature Requests"

    Click the Category - Post this there

    People can then vote this up..

    Let me know when you do - because I would like this as well...

  • There's a link, as I'm sure you know, in the console at "System - Server management - Configure" called "check for latest patches" that takes you to a website where there's a list of patches. You would think it would be simple enough that Kaseya's development team could change the "Configure" page to perform that check and list the patches for you but apparently not. Heck, they don't even seem to be able to program a simple status message when a patch install completes to let you know the install was completed - let alone if it was successful or not.

    And, while I know this is supposed to be the "Trust" release, I don't trust them to update my VSA installation automatically and successfully - I'll do it myself, thanks, and only when I deem it necessary. The last few patches have had nothing that would apply to anything I use in the VSA so I'm skipping them.

    And don't get me started on their "version numbering system"...   :-)

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