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Kaseya stops working if too many agents installed

  • Perhaps somebody can show me the light on how it makes sense that Kaseya will now completely shut down your operation if any agent over your licensed allocation checks into the system. As it currently stands, if you have 3000 agents and agent 3001 checks into your system (old agent, LAN Watch deployed, AD deployed, etc..) then all 3001 agents will go offline until you remove an agent from the system. No notifications. No warnings. Just 3000 agents all offline and your operation comes to a halt.

    I'm not advocating for allowing for more agents than I've paid for. In fact, I'm completely supportive of the way the licensing model has been run for years. If I buy 3000 agents then I expect those agents to work. If agent number 3001 can't check-in I'm OK with that as I have not purchased the licenses for that agent. But to take away all access to all agents on an overage is simply irresponsible and bad business.

    Anyone else fallen victim to this new unspoken "feature"?

  • I completely agree with you. It has happened to us once before and I now make sure it never happens again by checking license counts often for Kaseya clients.

    I wasn't happy with how the accidental overage was handled but lesson learned.

  • Hmmm. Recently when I tried to install one more agent than I was licensed to have the extra agent installed but wouldn't check in - all other agents worked as usual. The scenario you describe would be very bad.

    I will note that my sales rep was really on the ball and when I placed an order for more agents I had the license the same day. Very much appreciated.

  • bdawson, mikeyp, are you on SAAS or on-premise?

    when my agent count goes over, any machines that exceeded the count simply won't check in. Existing agents all work perfectly (same as zippo). I am on-premise. Perhaps this a quirk of the SAAS system?

  • On-premise. I should mention that we were 3-4 agents over our max when this happened.

  • I just saw your feature request for this in our Helpdesk. From what I recall it didn't always work this way.

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