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After Reimage K-Agent wont Connect to server

  • Question,

     I am finally rolling out Win7 to our stores.  Each existing PC has Kaseya on it with a machine naming convention.  I am reimageing the machines and changing the naming convention  but when i go to install kaseya more then 50% of the time i get a Grey K icon and it wont connect to the server????  I am removing the agents before the reimage begins?  What can i do??  I have created a "forced installer" and that seems to only work 50% of the time? 

    I am a Newbe to Kaseya so help me out if you can!  Thanks!

  • Do not image a computer that has a Kaseya agent installed. Or... if you do, make sure it does not have an internet connection so it cannot create an account on your KServer. What's happening is your computers are all trying to check in with the same agent GUID. If you can identify any that have checked in already, go to the [Agent > Delete] page and delete with the "without uninstalling" option. The other duplicate agents will then check in with their own GUID.