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Policy Mangement - Unstable and Unusable... VERY Slow after 6.5

  • No issues with the update itself, install went smoothly...


    The modules for agent procedures and agent policies are UNUSABLE... the time it takes for the policy to fully load is long enough that Chrome asks if I want to kill the page! IE11 goes all "unresponsive" and locks up for a solid minute before I can even do anything. Applying the policy takes another minute of unstable and unusability. That's just for me, for others working in them they can't even see anything on the right side of the page.

    I created a ticket (#5350) over four hours ago and no response... am I being overly zealous about the importance of these modules but without them being stable we've lost a key facet of why we have this service.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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  • ty for the info

  • Received an email from Kaseya asking me:

    Can you check the procedures that you are currently running for the endpoints and ensure that they are being spread out evenly through the server?

    Anyone know what this means?

  • I think they want you to go into the Agent Procedures module, and then click on Manage Procedures - Distribution on the left hand side. Once there, make sure your Machine Group and View drop downs are set to No View, and you should then see charts representing how scheduled procedures are distributed time wise across all of your agents.

    It's usually recommended, if you're going to have a procedure run on any significant number of endpoints, to spread it out over a few hours or days (depending on what the procedure does and number of agents) to reduce impact to the VSA server. You don't want 1,000 agents all doing a Latest Audit at the exact same time during business hours since that will create a large amount of load on the database for that period of time, and slow everything else down.

    I don't see this as really helping in your situation though if this slow performance is consistent, and not sporadic. Seems like one of those hoops support likes to make you jump through to push you off their radar for a bit.

  • Yeah. I mean nothing has changed in regards to the agent procedures or their scheduling. Even so I've checked my server and the RAM is holding at a high percent (87)

  • NormB you are definitely not the only one having issues with both of these.  I too have placed calls about the various bugs I have found within the policy manager and agent procedure modules.  I haven't been able to find a solution for these and most of the issues I had were from the 6.5 update itself.  I was told there was a patch this weekend that was supposed to fix these various issues but a lot of them still remain.

    I think they were trying to make sure that you weren't maxing out the system resources by doing the agent procedures.  They asked me the same thing when I placed calls about the different errors/bugs I had.  I guess they are thinking that running your agent procedures might be slowing down the system.  

    Any way, I am in the same boat as you Norm.


  • Thanks Ryan,

    Have you gotten any farther with them since?

    Ha! Talking to you is like talking to my future self... Tell me oh wise one from the future! Doth Kaseya come up with anything else to try?

  • Haha well Friday was the last time I spoke to anyone about these bugs and they told me they would all be addressed in a patch they were putting out on Saturday.  However I have the saas vsa and (I might be wrong) but it sounds as if you have the on premise.  I am unsure how the patching would go for an on premise user.  I am in the process of updating the tickets I have that still are not functioning the way they should.  

  • Drat.

    Okay... well... drat.

  • I will update when they get back to me about the bugs that are still there.

  • I do know that I use IE and maybe using IE will help?  I don't get the time out issues like you seem to be having.  Maybe IE will help with that?  My browser of choice is firefox but I have come to grips that that is completely a waste of time to get working.  IE has been the best bet for me lately.

  • Hello normb

    We have requested remote access to your VSA system. Please provide us access to troubleshoot this issue.

    Once you provide us access our performance specialist can analyze further.

    Best Regards

    Anmol Singh

    Kaseya Support

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  • Policy Management indeed UNSTABLE

    Workstations listed as "out pf compliance" even after r-applying"

  • Awesome! Thanks Ammol! I appreciate the heads up! I updated my ticket so we're making baby steps down the path...

    Another problem I've noticed is that some settings (with policy management being so slow its hard to get a good idea of how many) have been overridden, cleared, or are simply wrong.


    We have a workstation policy set up that will restart a computer after installing updates only if no user is logged in, if a user is logged in it asks to reboot... waits 15 minutes and then reboots - standard stuff. Since the update that setting within the policy had been changed to have the systems just reboot after installing updates. No prompts. No warning. Not good.

  • I've tried them all... IE, Firefox, and Chrome... they all suffer the same issue.