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Anyone else having trouble getting

  • We had the same issue over here. After 24 hours without any update to the support ticket, I escalated this to our account manager. He pointed me on this forum post and the release. The update went fine but after an (forced) agent update the agent version still shows v6.5.0.1. Can anyone confirm this is expected behavior or is an IIS reset required?

  • Hi Tom

    Mine's the same way so I'm guessing mismatched versioning is the new normal - despite what we were told. And your experience with support is also typical, in my experience.

    Other than this minor numbering issue, the rest of the build has seemed fine so far for us. That's a good thing.

  • Hello,

    To clarify further this patch release will not change the Agent Version from the latest available Agent Version which is 

    This Patch will make the Agent Version available for Linux Operating Systems. 

    The Patch Release documentation in the help guide can be found below which details the exact fixes in the patch release:


    This patch fix will apply the Patch Stamp in the System > Configure Page.

    Prior to applying to my VSA, It reflected the following:

    After applying Patch Release  - The VSA will then Reflect In the System > Configure page where the Hotfix History section was:

    Kind Regards,


  • I hear what you're saying, Nicolas, and agree that it is so but it still does not make any sense, to me. Why add a line for "Installed Patch Level" and waste that space when the "Version Number" could also easily contain the "Patch Level" (in the last digit) and eliminate some of the confusion? Also, why does the Agent Update screen give me the option to force agent version " even if the agent is at" when the current agent version shows as ""? I cheered (to myself, of course) when Kaseya said here that they would be implementing consistent version numbering throughout the Kaseya modules but all of the above seems to be at odds with that statement and is simply confusing and to no benefit at all that I can see.

  • Hi Zippo,

    Maybe I can help clarify a little more in detail.

    I can only assume that the "Installed Patch Level" line was implemented because Hot fixes are no longer released in the same fashion.

    Previous to Kaseya Version 6.5, this is where the Hotfix details and configuration settings were previously setup.

    Example from 6.2 Test Instance:

    As Kaseya is not using the old VSA Hotfix system anymore, the Hotfixer information/settings were removed.

    There is now a new  "Product" or "Module" within the Kinstall.exe program called "Kaseya Patch Process".

    This "Product" or "Module" has a different version number then the actual VSA version which is still using version

    Here is a example of what I am referencing when running Kinstall.exe:

    This is now the new process in which "Bug Fixes" or "Hot Fixes" are released and applied.

    Assuming that each patch release will be a new version number, it may be a easier way to track and understand what fixes are applied in each Patch Release.

    (Which can be found here: http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/RN/index.asp#16336.htm)

    However, based on previous experience with the old hot fix system - the new Patch Process appears to be much more stable and consistent.


     Also, why does the Agent Update screen give me the option to force agent version " even if the agent is at" when the current agent version shows as ""? 

    The Agent > Update Agent page has been like this for some time, dating back to previous versions of Kaseya.

    I agree that this is confusing/misleading as to what Agent Version is currently available.

    This page will always show the original agent version released with the Kaseya Software.

    (For Example: VSA Version 6.3 will always show even if Agent Version is available on the 6.3 VSA)

    My suggestion would be to submit a feature request at the following link or send this request to your Kaseya Representative.


    Hope this helps in clarifying.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks for taking the time to clarify, Nicolas. I very much appreciate it. I accept your explanation as most likely true but I still contend that it's unnecessarily confusing. I would argue that the VSA version is changed by any applied "patches" and that the VSA version number should rightly reflect those changes. And I would also suggest the same should be true for the agent versions.

    As for your suggestion to submit a feature request - I did that long ago and far away and that request went into the old bottomless feature request pit. I may give it another try with the new feature request submittal system.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to explain.

  • Now my VSA shows this. How can my installed patch level be when the available patch level is and why is it checking for latest patches when they've changed the patch process to use kinstall? I suppose it's time for another reboot but good grief...

  • Hey Zippo,

    I would re-run kinstall again.

    After applying my VSA now looks like this:

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks. I did try that, Nicolas. Multiple installs (without any kind of message indicating whether the patch install completed successfully or failed) and multiple kserver reboots but it still says the same thing. And the screen flashes every few seconds as if it's refreshing or something but it doesn't change. I've found that the best thing is to avoid that screen completely. Who knows, maybe tomorrow's "Trust Patch" will fix it.

  • Hi,

    I can confirm what Nicolas has stated as well - I just updated our server and it displays the following:

    If you continue to have the issue, I suggest creating a support ticket for your case.

  • I've got the same issue here !

  • I'm sorry to hear it but appreciate you letting us know, Neal.

  • I see that release is out now. Guess I'll see what happens with this one...

  • Yaaay! Looks like today's daily patch fixed that issue for me (though the goofy numbering system still remains)... May want to give it a try, Neal.

  • FYI: Ticket has been logged. (Along with the many others I've had to raise since the install yesterday)

    Edit: Just saw your response... trying now!

    missed zippo's post above
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