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Storing data for reporting later [Just storing]

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Hey guys, Open to any answers here, please fell free to PM if shy.

First. I'm open to anything that springs to mind other than tickets.

Second. A scenario...

Lets say I have some data to record - what user logs on when and to which machine.
I can do this via log monitoring as one example.

Where can I store this data to later run in a report of USER TIMESTAMP COMPUTER - It does not matter so much about how it comes out.
See, my issue is...
I don't want it as a ticket - we use this for items that need to be actioned
Its not an alarm to be triggered as such.... so alerts are out.
Do not exactly want to run a script... unless a script pulls and stores the data somewhere?
ANNNND I don't need to be emailed about it.

All of these immediate options do not seem applicable to me unless I have missed a feature.

Please let me know.

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  • You could write the info to a text file and use the Log Parser to retrieve and report. See the Online Help