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Someone fill me in from both Kaseya and the community?

  • Hi everyone, 

    It's been a long, long time since I've posted in these parts, i thought i'd touch base with the community and see how everyone is going?

    I've been reading a lot about Kaseya's take over and the apprehension people have about where the company is going. After reading through all the press releases and the road maps, and talking with Kaseya's staff here in Australia, i'm not convinced the take over is anything other than positive. 

    I have good friends at another massive software vendor who last year hired a new CEO and their restructure has taken 12 months. I wouldn't imagine buying out a company and restructuring is an easy undertaking and i certainly wouldn't expect miracles straight away.

    I don't' have a problem with the Kaseya product in that they are always looking to branch out and deliver new services, even if some of the acquisitions come across as purchases of "half baked" software, i'd rather that than no innovation at all. I don't understand the difference between Kaseya doing this and say, Microsoft buying out every company known to man. Even if Kaseya are putting their acquisitions out to pasture and not developing them, its a standard business practice, don't have to like it, but doesn't make it something that'd draw my ire towards the company 

    With that rant over, what are peoples concerns?

    What is the deal with Remote Control have dev stopped? (or am i wrong?) (It's the most useful / reliable module for us in the server space)

    I still have an issue with the reporting part of Kaseya, it's not great, but  i still make concessions for them. If anyone hasn't seen it yet i'd look at Brightgauge. I used to have 2 dozen SQL queries that'd pull data into Excel, then spit it out into word, just to get good reports that were formatted nicely. Monthly reports would take 20 hours. They now take 10 minutes. 

    Anyway, i'm still enjoying the product, i hope the acquisition ends up being positive, from what i hear, Kaseya poached a few key Salesforce staff including their old CEO, i can't see this being anything other than positive. Its not neccessarily 6.5 i'm looking forward to, i'm more excited to see what 7.0 has in store. 

    WIth all of that said, i'm not wanting to come across as a fan boy, if there was a better all round product i'd jump straight away, i'm just trying to remain optimistic and would love to hear your thoughts

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  • I agree with you Mark. An acquisition of this size is going to take time. The biggest mistake they could make is to just rush something out the door to quiet the masses. I am hoping the first major update (around jan) will be exciting and well done, because that will set the stage for what is to come. The importance of this update is huge for Kaseya.  

    That being said, I feel like they could handle things differently. Talking with the community and having an open conversation with them would be wonderful. Brendan does a good job of answering questions and concerns where he can, but I imagine that the new management doesn't want him making promises that may have to be pushed back. There Is definitely a base of clients out there that feel burned by the current situation that Kaseya is in, and that is completely fair as well. Patience is needed when something this large happens to a company. But what management has to understand is that there have been some clients that have been "Patient" for months or years now with their feature requests or issues going into a black hole.

    The remote control thing, from what I understand has been canned and being redone (again) Expect it to be out around the spring release next year. This is just what i read/heard from someone. I have been excited for a new remote control for the last couple of years. Getting onto servers is great now. Terminal services works well. But assisting end users with VNC can sometimes be embarrassing. GoTo Assist has become more and more popular with my techs.

    Currently my biggest gripe with Kaseya is their support. I absolutely dislike emailing them in the customer portal then going back and forth for days in what could be fixed in 5 minutes (usually) on the phone. The response times are all over the place. I received an email today that makes me happy about things to come with the support. (I don't know if I am allowed to mention the content of the email)

    The other thing that happens is I have gone through a lot of reps in the last few months. I don't even know who my rep is anymore.

  • Great Reply Matt thanks,

    I agree with you on the time it would take for an acquisition of this size

    I'm a believer in open an unadulterated honesty and conversation, if i can't be brutally honest with the customers i server, the will walk away, it should be the case with Kaseya and their customers. In fairness to Kaseya they have been that way with me. I might be lucky playing the vertical i do, or by having a good reputation locally, i dont know, but i'm on good terms with the Aus Pac MD, our AM and Director of Pro Services for our region, they are stand up examples of great people serving their business well. Perhaps its hard for me to criticise because i've never had anything other than amazing support

    Got lucky with Remote Control too, without it we'd have a bit of trouble. Go to Assist seems like it might be the only solution for desktops from what you are saying?

    Thanks again for the feedback, its good to known my understanding of things wasn't so far away from the reality

  • Thanks for the kind words. Everyone here is supremely focused on re-building your trust in our product and our processes.  You will see some great changes in support and account management that are already being phased in, as well as this Winter release focused not on new functionality but on making what's in place work better.  I guess the bottom line is that we know we have to deliver and actions speak louder than words.  With all the changes internally it does take some time to turn a ship like this. Stick with us. It will be worth it.

  • Some clients the VNC connections works fine (with some performance issues) for, but other clients, typically the ones with older computers or slow networks the connection doesn't always work well.

    The biggest gripe my techs have is the level of performance of vnc compared to other services (such as GoToAssist). Comparing the two services side by side on the same computer VNC feels like you are dragging your mouse through the mud, sometimes vnc fails to connect at all. While GoToAssist gives a smooth experience similar to terminal services. and usually when VNC fails gotoassist works extremely well.