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Detect if BitLocker enabled.

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Does anyone has a method for using Kaseya to determine if BitLocker is enabled on Windows machines?

Thanks in advance.

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  • bitlockerstatus.zip

    I attached a vbscript that I found a while back when I was forced to find a solution with no development time allowed. It will disable or enable protection depending on if it is enabled or disabled.

    I did not write it but I modified it to pass the script path and filename variable from the Agent Procedure to the VBscript. Here is an example of how you would execute it in your agent procedure where "#ScriptFile#" is the path and file name of the script.

    %WINDIR%\system32\cscript.exe "#ScriptFile#" "#ScriptFile#"

    Read the script description first so that you understand what is it does. Also not that the "Task Scheduler" part in it does not always work so you have to sometimes rerun it to re-enable Bitlocker again. I'm waiting for some downtime to develop it further to work better with Kaseya agent procedures and to set Bitlocker custom field values so that I can report on if Bitlocker is enabled or not.

  • This command will tell you if a given drive is encrypted or not:

    manage-bde -protectors -get c: