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System Info Custom field auto populated itself!

  • Wow.

    I created a custom field in System Inforomation under the audit tab called "AgentGUID". I was going to have a script populate it...

    Except it auto populated ITSELF! I'm guessing it just knew by the name I used what info to fill in.

    Does anyone know of other cool things custom fields can do, or use, or magically create?


  • Err... that's the primary key in pretty much every table. Don't use that :P

  • I'm not using it. We're reporting on it and pulling it as a variable in a script.

  • 'DHCP Server' and 'DNS Server' do the same thing as well.

  • its because all the fields named already exist in system info... there is no reason to duplicate them... i would remove them.

  • I would suggest that it is a bug, to be able to create a custom field that has the same name as an existing field name in the database. The database a complex system however with thousands of tables, fields, views etc. so catching all the duplicates is pretty tricky.

    Perhaps preface any custom field name with "MYCO_" or similar, to guarantee uniqueness?