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Audit licences Office 2013 OEM Click to run

  • Hello,

    In the Audit section, Software Licences sub section, Kaseya don't detecting computers with an Office 2013 OEM version (click to run version).

    In Add/Remove Programs i have the progam but not the licence. It is a difficulty for our inventory.

    Any idea ?

  • I have opened a ticket in regards to this a while ago. Below are the responses in that ticket:

    FYI - As this Office version cannot be decoded properly, Engineering will release a hotfix that will state in the audit information that the key for this audited information is not supported to be decoded, etc...


    This hotfix has now been released via this information:


    File: /WebPages/ManagedFiles/VSAHiddenFiles/KLicense.exe

    Hotfix 8023/Revision 210859

    Comment: Report the Office 2013 installation but no product key displayed due to unpublished algorithm at this moment.

    Tickets: CS164466 (<---- We even used your ticket as the referenced primary CS ticket, hehe....)


    So from here, Office 2013 keys will not be displayed. They do want to figure out a way to decode this to be displayed, though it is not presently possible. Thoughts/input from here? Do you want to file a formal enhancement request on this perhaps (it is already on their radar to figure out a way to do it though - maybe even a way to manually enter it, etc...)?

    I will keep this ticket in an open awaiting status as such.


    I formally asked for a feature request at this point and the ticket was closed.

    The ticket number was: CS164466 it was opened on May 29th and closed on Jul 12th.

  • How do programs like this work if Kaseya can't do it? www.sterjosoft.com/key-finder.html