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Issue with new PC's: incomplete audit and patch management not working

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We've recently installed an agent on 2 new Lenovo computers:

* ThinkPad L53 (Notebook)
* ThinkCentre Edge 72 (Desktop)

Both show the same issue:

* Audit information is incomplete: only Network and CPU/RAM info is provided
* Patch management doesn't work: although the agent credential has been set (test passed) and the patch test passed too, it only shows "-" as result. Initial Update doesn't work, as it almost immediately displays 'Update complete', although Windows Update on the PC mentions about 64 updates waiting.

187 1 - - - - - Passed
- - - - - - - Passed

Reinstalling the agent doesn't solve the issue.

Does anyone have a clue regarding cause and or solution?

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  • By the way, we have 400+ machines/agents running without problems...

  • I had an issue similar to the one you were describing with patches. I worked with tech support on it and they issued a hotfix a couple of months ago. If you are updating your kaseya server regularly, that should have resolved that issue. If you are behind on your kaseya hotfixes try updating them.

    Otherwise, this doesn't seem like normal operation and you should open a ticket in tandem with this post.