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  • Anyone can help me regarding discovering Devices using LAN WATCH BY NETWORK. it seems that kaseya Scanned the devices by specifying target IP's

    but not able to displayed all discovered devices.any help?


  • Hi

    I have experienced this a number of times and in spite of fixes for this it persists.  However, I have found that the problem only happens when I have a group selected.  So I may use the groups or views to get a short list of the networks or probes that I want to scan but when I am looking in the scan results I must set no groups.  Then the deep scan shows the results for network I am examining.

  • If you have a Primary and Sub machine group structure you normally need to select the machine group that the probe agent is in to see the devices and agents.

    Don't confuse the primary machine group for the Org, if you have more than 1 Discovery network in a Org then you won't see any of the agents and devices if you select an Org instead of the machine group the agent is in.

    If filtering by Machine group does not work select all groups instead and select the network you want to view.

    Also unless they fixed this if you manually created probe network, it will only show the agents but if you have the automatic network harvest enabled then it will show both if the agents are not already in Discovery Network.