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LAN Cache worth using?

  • Has anybody used the new LAN Cache feature yet and do you think it worth using?

    We are in the process of revamping our file share structure and I'm thinking about looking into LAN Cache and if it is possible to incorporate it to avoid duplication of files stored.

    I can't find any documentation on the folder structure it uses.

  • Hi HardKnox,

    The lancache is like This :

    - Lancache (or the name You want to use)

           |-LanCache (folder where stuff in agent procedure were downloads)

                |- [..] (some file)

                |- http (file who are downloaded in Http)

                   |- site1 (one site were data were downloaded)


                |- https

                |- VsaHiddenFiles

                |- VsaSharedFiles

                |- D (that's our drive on Kserver where the web files are)

           |- VsaFileShare

               |- PATCH

    and if you have the KAV module the C:\kworking\kav\updater is shared too

    Lancache is shared, VsaFileShare too in admin way (Lancache$ VSAFileShare$) and the kav folder is shared as KAVUpdate

    That's this information ?

  • So what do you think, is it worth using are there any known problems with it?

    Not sure if the structure will be compatible with a normal fileshare that you would give the other IT admins access to, might just have to bite the bullet on the possibility of file duplication.

    I wonder what they plan to use the "VsaFileShare\PATCH" folder for.

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  • I've been using it across all clients ever since this issue was corrected community.kaseya.com/.../17289.aspx

    No bugs to report that any of my techs have reported to me thus far...

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