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Kaseya Connect 2014 dates

  • +1 on the dates

  • Hey Brendan, any update as to when these dates will be confirmed, long haul flights from A/NZ starting to get expensive....

  • Consider them confirmed for April 14-16. Still working out some details like pre conference training options, but main show dates are firm now.
  • Thanks Brendan

  • Excellent, thanks Brendan.

  • Sorry just saw your question.  It was mainly the vendor\partner area was hard to navigate since there were so many people in the small rooms and when they put the snack tables out it was almost impossible to navigate.  And I imagine (hope) that partner participation will continue to grow.  The session rooms seemed adequate.

  • So we are supposed to spend the first half of Holy Week (the week preceding Easter Sunday) in Las Vegas?

  • Very true - I hadn't thought of that, mainly because I don't spend much time there, but you're right, it's a bit of a squish!

  • Kaseya Connect 2014 Registration is Now Open!