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Kaseya Connect 2014 dates

  • Hi everyone.

    I know its a little early, but I am working on my 2014 business schedule. Does anyone know the dates for Kaseya Connect 2014?

    Thanks in advance :-)


  • Thanks for asking.  We are still working on dates for 2014.  We'll keep you posted.

  • Thanks for the reply Brandon.

    I am hoping to avoid a conflict with the HTG Q2 Conference, which is May 5-9 in Dallas. A few times in the past the two conferences overlapped, and it was a scheduling and attendance issue with folks associated with both HTG and Kaseya. And from talking with some HTG colleagues earlier today, I also believe there is a VTN event that same week also.

    So if Kaseya can avoid that week, I think it would be helpful to some folks in the Kaseya community.


  • Thanks Lloyd.  I'll pass along the info on the HTG and VTN events.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't the dates already been set? April 14 – 16 at the Four Seasons.

  • - you are correct that we had previously announced those details.   We are working on firming up the dates and venue for everyone.

  • Ahhh right on the holiday of Passover. See you in 2015

  • Curious to see if the venue will change this year due to the link between the Ex-CEO and the Fours Seasons no longer being in place.

  •  While that is probably a possibility I sure hope not.  The Fours Seasons is awesome!

  • I hope I could come this year... Wanna be a French Speaker ;)

  • With all the changes taking place I am really looking forward to the conference, but I don't agree with it staying at the Four Seasons.  While it is an awesome property the conference has out grown the space.  I do hope it stays in Vegas though, maybe just move to one of the properties close to Four Seasons so for those that want to stay there still they can.

  • I really hope those dates don't change! I'm coming from New Zealand, and am a brewer and beer judge in my other life, so judging at the World Beer Cup in Denver the week before, so am trying to fit the conference (and a holiday with my wife) around those stated dates. :)

    what makes you say the conference has outgrown the Four Seasons? Nothing felt particularly oversubscribed, and it really is a nice space. But yeah, I'm a fan of Vegas. Second vote would be Chicago. Love that city. :)

  • Just went to the "new" EVENTS page on the Kaseya website and the User Conference is nowhere to be found.

    Can someone PLEASE post the dates and location?

    Thank you!!

  • Bump. any chance of an update? Trying to finalise my travel plans in the next couple of weeks.

  • I'd really love to know the dates too. It would be very helpful. I am trying to finalize my travel plans for national conferences and local volunteer activities in 2014.