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Run software deployment after patching

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We are running Kaseya version 6.3 and we have several different patch policies. Also have software deployment  and there we also have different profiles. 

We are looking for a way, whit a procedure I guess, to run the software deployment directly before or after patching. Dose any one have a good ide for this?

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  • use the scheduler. I don't beleive that theres a script to kick off one after the other. Your best bet "USING KASEYA" is to set up your profile for patching and add the KSDU profile to it and have their times for running staggered one after the other.

  • could be a way to schedule the script used by Kaseya to kick off the deployment but you'd have to get a Kaseyan to tell you what that procedure is and how to get access to it.   There used to be an Easter Egg that would allow something like this but I don't know if it still exist.

  • We are today using a schedule pattern for software deployment but they are increasing so it is quiet hard to get a good overview of what is doing when, so that's why we would like to do booth patching and software deployment at the same time.

    Do you have any ide of where to find the easter egg?

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    You can use the Pre or Post patching procedure.  As you can see,  we schedule a procedure before patching to perform a System Restore Point creation prior to the patching.  You could change this, and use your own sw distribution AP's.

  • How do I get a procedure to start the software deployment and only deploy what's set in the software deployment profile?

  • ooopss  missed that;  We dont use KSDU.  So I cannot answer that...   Sorry