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All Posts RSS Feed

  • Before the forums update, I had a RSS feed for all posts as they came in.  I can't seem to find that now.  I see on the individual forums there are RSS links, but I can't seem to find one for all posts.  Can anyone help me with that?


  • Try community.kaseya.com/.../rss.aspx - not sure if it's everything, but looks pretty verbose!

  • I saw that, but it looks like the last update was August 16th.  Maybe just current problem with the feed?

  • I've not had any email notifications from the community for a few days either, maybe it's having a bit of a lie down...

  • There was a problem with our feeds, email and RSS.  The feed link for all posts is the one posted above.  You also probably got a flood of emails just a little bit a go.  Sorry about that.

  • Thanks, Brendan.  Did you know that items are appearing multiple times on the Knowledgebase RSS?