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RMM for Mac computers

  • Curious what MSPs are doing for managing and monitoring Mac computers. Since Kaseya is very limited, I am wondering what other RMM tools you might be using? And I have the same questions for AV on the Mac?

  • I'm using Kaseya, but Kaseya's brand of backup is a chore and the updating isn't an ideal scenario either. Remote control is terrible, and even worse if you're actually using OS X to do the remoteing. That being said, I still get by and am able to do pretty much everything I want to do. Even if there are other RMM tools that may be more OS X geared, I don't think anything will match the scripting ability of Kaseya, and I refuse to have 900 webportals that I need to switch between to manage services. It's the entire reason I use Kaseya to begin with, and exactly why I'm using their frustrating brand of backup. I was using a really slick RMM tool for OS X initially you should check out. Panorama 9 is the product. Everything it does, it does very well and the UI is great. A more limited feature set, but what it does, it does well and is worth looking at.