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Database Views is Crashing

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I work at a medium sized school district, running Kaseya on about 5,000 computer. For many weeks now, we've been trying to use Kaseya's database views to create/pull custom reports and data (we're really excited about the possibilities). However,  we've been running into some major issues and frankly we don't know where to go...

We've enable database views on our server and are trying to follow the directions listed online (http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/en-us/5010100/index.htm?toc.htm?532.htm). We create a new data source on a client computer, we try to connect, and get an error message making it sound like it cannot connect. But then, to make matters worse, about 5 minutes after trying to connect, our server crashes. If I go our Kaseya website, it gives the error message that the schema needs to be reapplied (this is paraphrased because I don't want to crash our server to give the exact message, but I'd be willing to if needed). I think Kaseya works, but it somehow looses access to it's databases (which are hosted locally). A reboot fixes the issue....

Now I'd love to tinker around with this but since every time we attempt a resolution our server crashes we're being very careful. Frankly, I'm not even sure where to start looking for a solution. Thank you for reading my post and your help! I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions or starting points!!

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  • Something very odd there as you're only connecting to some views that Kaseya have been created and I can't think why it would take down your server.  

    Have you run the reapply schema?  If not do so as that's a very good place to start with all manner of errors within the system.

    Do you have direct access to the db server that you can try accessing via SSMS?

  • Hi cschulte,

    Am I correct (based on the online help URL you posted) that you are still running version 5.1.1 of Kaseya?  Have you considered upgrading to the current release 6.3?  Nevertheless...

    The Database Views function simply creates a SQL user account that is granted limited access to the ksubscribers database.  This account can then be used to establish ODBC connections from machines that can access the SQL server.  

    You may already have done some of these, but here are some ideas and suggestions.

    1) Before going much further with troubleshooting, I would make certain that you have a good SQL backup of the ksubscribers database.  

    2) What version of Windows is the SQL server running and is this server fully patched with Microsoft hotfixes/service packs?  If not, I would fully patch the Windows OS on the server.

    3) What version and edition of SQL Server are you running (2000, 2005, Standard, Express, etc.)?  This problem sounds like some sort of SQL issue and may in fact be SQL version, service pack, or hotfix specific.  If the SQL server is not fully service packed and patched/hotfixed, then I would do that.

    4) If you have access to SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL Server itself, you should be able to login to it with this KaseyaViews account to verify that the password you entered in the Database Views function is being accepted by the SQL server.

    5) You can create another SQL user account yourself within SQL Server Management Studio and can then try to create an ODBC connection from the machine you have been using.

    6) Try and create a SQL ODBC connection from the SQL server itself and use the Test Connection button at the end of the wizard to verify that you can connect to the SQL server database from the server itself?  

    7) Reapply Schema is also something you can try.  While I doubt that it will make any difference, it cannot hurt, and Support will likely suggest this or ask you to do this also.  Do this after the system is fully patched with all Microsoft Windows and SQL Server patches/hotfixes.

    I would try the things I suggested (understanding that unfortunately these may in fact cause the same crash symptom) because the information gained by performing these will be important in tracking/narrowing down the issue if they dont in fact resolve the issue.

    If you continue to have issues after attempting these, then please open a Support ticket with Kaseya and give them all the details of things like this that you have tried.


    Matt Warburton

    Kaseya Professional Services