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Insight Venture Partners have bought Kaseya?

  • Sources: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130624-908616.html and https://www.facebook.com/KaseyaFan?hc_location=stream

    Insight Venture Partners Makes Investment in Kaseya - Effective immediately Yogesh Gupta has been named President and CEO of Kaseya. Kaseya founders Gerald Blackie, Mark Sutherland and Paul Wong will work with Gupta ensuring a smooth transition prior to pursuing other opportunities.

    What I'm reading here is that Kaseya has been bought by Insight venture Partners and that the founders will be off to pursue a new career. What will this mean for the future of Kaseya??

    Of course I want to wish Yogesh Gupta a lot of success with this new opportunity and hope that Mark, Gerald and Paul will enjoy their new quests!

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  • I join you in wishing Gerald, Mark, and Paul all the best in their new ventures. While a bit surprising, perhaps this will correct some of the missteps that Kaseya's market strategy has taken.

    Among a thousand other questions, I wonder what this will mean for on-prem customers? The push for SaaS has been huge as of late, and I'm curious to see if on-prem goes the way of the Dodo.

    Too early to tell, obviously, but its an interesting development none the less.

  • Thanks for your kind words! We are excited to begin this next chapter in the story of Kaseya!  

  • I would like to joing the community in wishing Gerald, Mark, and Paul all the best in their new ventures. They have been very helpful to me and my business over the past several years. So thanks for that guys!

    While the prospect of ownership and management certainly has me a little nervous, I am taking the wait and see approach. We'll see how things play out. While the past several years have been good, I am hoping that the best is yet to come :-)


  • I can remember when Paul was the only sales guy and the tech for fixing anything !!! I have been here way too long !!!

    I wish you guys all the best in your new pursuits, TAKE ME WITH YOU !!!

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  • Sad to hear that the 3 Musketeers are leaving. I hope this change is for the better!! Never was a fan of CA products.

  • The departure of Mark Sutherland has me concerned.  The fact that the previous CTO of CA is now in charge of Kaseya makes me wanna just jump ship now.  CA's consumer line of products was run into the ground prior to Total Defense buying up the dead assets, Im wondering if Kaseya will suffer the same fate.

  • Ya, all too often the guys at the top are in their own little crystal palace and not in touch with what is going on in the real world. Hope I am wrong.