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Patch Management has less updates, Window update not working

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I monitor our environment using Kaseya.

I can't get the update procedure completely working.

  • I've created 1 patch policy and made our servers member of this policy
  • Then i've approved most of the patches
  • Then i've setup a Patch scan on the servers at 00:15
  • At 02:00 i've setup a initial update
  • The next day most servers were complete. But when i look into Windows Update it says there are still about 6 updates left
  • Some of the updates are approved in the patch policy.
  • When i look in the Patch status it says there are no more approved patches left

So i thought i'd use the Windows update setting to let the remaining patches bet installed

  • I've set the Windows update setting to: Configured to automatically download and to schedule installation every day at 04:00; Auto-reboot with logged on users
  • I have confirmed these settings are the actual settings in the controlpanel of the server
  • The next day none of the updates are being installed, while the Windows setting says it will install the updates daily.

What can be wrong?


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  • I think that is normal as there are some Internet-based Install update like Microsoft Removal tool..

  • ok, maybe it's normal that 'Kaseya Automatic update' does not install all updates,

    But when is set the machines to use 'Windows Automatic Update' and auto install every day nothing happens.

    When i manually set this on a machine it wil install the updates.

    I was testing on 1 machine (which was configured with 'Windows Automatic Update' from Kaseya) , and i restarted the services: 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service' and 'Windows Update' it seems to be working.

    Do i have to do this every time i change the 'Windows Automatic Update' setting in Kaseya?

  • mooya,

    You should not need to take any action each time an update cycle runs.  It's quite likely there is an issue within your environment that is not allowing necessary communication.  I'd recommend you review KB articles KKB000781 and KKB000900.  If these don't help to address the issue, please open a ticket with Support.