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What NAS' play nicest with Kaseya?

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Are there any partner integrations that make it advantageous to use their NAS that I should be aware of? Any to avoid in terms of potential future Kaseya headaches?
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  • Depends.....normally I'd say a big NO, since a NAS is typically just another file share on the network, and therefore doesn't need anything special; however you might want to look into a NAS that offers SNMP monitoring, should you want to do things like receive alerts on space, fans, temperature etc. that that NAS may be able to offer you monitoring on, since you can't run a full K agent on a NAS.

    Typically, either QNAP or Synology are the way to go at the soho end of the scale, or look at a 'real' SAN e.g. Dell Equilogic, HP 2000 etc. a the high end...everyone has their favourite brand however and therefore you should do your own homework before choosing one that best suits you.

  • Thanks for the reply Craig.. Are there any partners that already do any (in)direct integration (aside from SNMP) with Kaseya? I definitely want as much control as possible, and SNMP tends to be more one way, but if that's what's out there I'll research appropriately. Thanks.