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Need Some Numbers Help

  • I was posed this question from one of our directors regarding the viability of Kaseya continuing to exisist in our enviroment. Here is the question:

    Can you connect a dot between this purchase an helping us reduce the ticketing backlog that we have today?  If you said something like, “Kaseya will save us W% of effort to support the HelpDesk, resulting in X hours/week of saved time.  This time savings will allow us to increase our ticket-handling capacity by Y%, thus allowing us to reduce our ticketing backlog by Z tickets/week.”  Something like that will help me make a case for the tool.

    Company Employee's: 1400

    Helpdesk FTE: 9

    Total Service Requests: 241 this month

    Average time to resolution: 2 Hours (Ball-park)

    In a numbers game. How would Kaseya assist in cutting down this backlog of service requests for our team. Need some assitance from the community as my math skills are a little rough.



  • Not enough information here. How big is your backlog and how long is it? With an average time to resolution of two hours, it doesn't seem possible that you have a large backlog that goes far back. If your average hides major disparities in resolution time that would be different.

  • hi @bmazzotti,

    Thats a very difficult thing to calculate as it depends upon so many variables. One approach would be to take a look at some of our case studies and find a business which closely matches your own in terms of IT challenges and approach, then use some of the data in there. Case studies are here: www.kaseya.com/.../it-case-studies.aspx

    Kaseya does far more than just tickets, and of course it has to be deployed and utilised in order to get the highest ROI, so you do also get out of it what you put in. If you are a house builder and you invest in a whole set of the latest and greatest house building equipment, but then continue to operate exactly the same way you did before, you wouldn't see any improvement in how quickly you build a house. The point being that some generic calculation is not what your director should be asking for, instead he should be asking for a plan on how it is going to be implemented, what tasks are going to be automated with it and how the staff are going be trained to get the most from it.

    The real key to proving that any product is improving things like first time fix rates and average closure time is that you have to be certain that these things are being accurately measure both before and after. This is quite possible by using Kaseya Time Tracking and Service Desk, but what were you using previously and was it being used properly to track this information? Make sure that the data you have is accurate or otherwise you will never be able to prove it one way or the other.